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The Bentley MBA

Mix and match from a range of flexible options including classes during the day, in the evenings, and online.

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Build an MBA based on your academic interests or career goals by choosing from one of seven concentrations. Select a personalized series of courses to match your passions and specific career needs.


U.S. News & World Report. U.S. News & World Report’s “America's Best Graduate Schools 2019” ranks the Bentley University Graduate School of Business MBA (Part-Time) program among the top 100 in the country at #87 and #7 in New England. 

QS World University Rankings. Bentley's MBA among the top 200 programs worldwide. Each ranking is compiled on the basis of five key metrics: employability, entrepreneurship and alumni success, return on investment, thought leadership, and class and faculty diversity.

Bloomberg. Bentley University is ranked as one of the 100 Best Business Schools in the United States to obtain an MBA in a new ranking from Bloomberg Businessweek. 

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The Bentley MBA will prepare you with the skills & knowledge needed to lead in today’s global marketplace. Choose from three format options designed to the meet the diverse needs of today’s business professionals.

Full-Time: In our traditional format, you’ll be part of a diverse cohort attending day classes in your first year. In your second year, you’ll customize your program through a broad selection of evening electives.  

Part Time: As a student in the part-time format, you’ll attend evening courses that allow you to engage with other working professionals on-campus or online. Whether you’re in your office in downtown Boston, at home across the country or traveling the globe, our hybrid courses bring the classroom to you!

Accelerated Online: Our Accelerated Online format delivers the Bentley MBA to working professionals whose dynamic schedules require the ultimate flexibility. The six-week course intervals allow you to focus on one course at a time, performing the work at whatever time of day works best for you. Limited meeting times offer an opportunity to fully engage with faculty and classmates.

The Bentley MBA prepares you for a wide range of careers, no matter the industry you are interested in. See below for a partial list of employers and job titles our alumni have achieved over the past year.

Company Name Alumni Title
Accenture Consulting Digital Analyst
athenahealth US Design Associate, Healthcare Transaction Associate
Akebia Therapeutics Financial Analyst
Biogen Director
Boston Scientific Clinical Portfolio Manager
EMC Marketing Development Program
Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare Associate Product Manager
IBM Marketing Product Manager
New Balance Athletics Business Information Analyst
PTC Product Release Associate
RSM Senior Associate, Supervisor
Staples Senior Financial Analyst
TomTom Junior Product Marketer
Vistaprint Quality Engineer


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‘A Commitment to Making the World a Better Place’

Ahmadou Balde, MBA ˊ18 Works to Improve Education, Healthcare and Training Services in Guinea

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When Amrita Choudhary ‘20 decided she wanted to pursue a dual master’s degree in business and financial analytics, she developed a list of must-haves for the program. Bentley checked all the boxes.

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Professor Linda Edelman

"Bentley students are bright, interesting and full of wonderful ideas."

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Kirstyn Pearl ’10 Leveraged her MBA and Grandfather's Recipe to Build a Chocolate Empire.

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Bentley’s MBA Program Ranked Among the Best in the Country by Bloomberg Businessweek

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Graduate Dual Degree Program

Enhance your competitive advantage in the marketplace by earning both an MBA and Master of Science (MS) dual degree. Share up to four courses between programs to further expand your skill set and obtain two graduate business degrees in less time.

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The Bentley Graduate Online Learning Experience

Online education has revolutionized learning in higher education. At Bentley we offer online education in two ways. Watch our video to learn more about those formats and how you will engage with professors and other students no matter where you are located.

Top Employers Hiring Our Graduates

Pearl Brian-Esema, MBA, MSBA ’19
I’ve grown to like analytics because depending on what you are trying to do, the ultimate goal is having enough data to improve decision-making.
Pearl Brian-Esema, MBA, MSBA ’19
Consulting Digital Analyst

Foundation Courses

All applicants will be evaluated for foundation waivers.

GR521 | Managerial Statistics

This course covers basic statistical techniques in a managerial setting, and features case studies and conceptual exercises. Statistical topics include effective use of numerical and graphical summaries, estimation and confidence intervals, hypothesis testing and regression. More advanced topics such as data mining, the Bayesian paradigm and principles of model building, may be encountered during projects.

GR522 | Economic Environment of the Firm

This course examines managerial decision-making from an economic standpoint. The first half (microeconomics) explores how prices, wages and profits are determined in market economies; the advantages and disadvantages of unfettered competition; and the impact of government intervention on market outcomes. The second half (macroeconomics) investigates the factors influencing gross domestic product, interest rates, unemployment, inflation and growth; the causes of the business cycle; the role of the federal government and the Federal Reserve in stabilizing the economy; the impact of technology on productivity and growth; and the influence of international trade and finance on economic activity.

GR523 | Marketing Management

This course covers the processes involved in the creation, distribution and sale of products and services, and explores the tasks and decisions facing marketing managers. It focuses on market and competitive analysis, customer behavior, and the design and implementation of marketing strategies in domestic and international markets, including product, price, promotion, distribution and customer service decisions.

GR524 | Accounting for Decision-Making

This course highlights how managers use cost, cash flow and financial reporting information in their decisions. It will introduce the student to (a) purpose of accounting and its role in making business decisions, (b) accounting principles, procedures and judgments underlying corporate financial statements, (c) use, interpretation and limitations of financial statements, (d) use and interpretation of cost accounting data in managerial decision-making, and (e) approaches to identify problems, analyze their financial and managerial implications, and evaluate alternative solutions.

GR525 | Financial Statement Analysis for Decision-Making

The objective of this course is to provide an applied understanding of the finance concepts and tools of analysis used in measuring firm performance and in making investment decisions that create value. This will be achieved through instructor conferences and the use of cases. The main concepts covered include financial statements, ratio analysis, financial planning, the time value of money, capital budgeting, capital structure, the cost of capital and asset valuation.

Core Courses

GR601 | Strategic Information Technology Alignment

This course provides an enterprise-wide perspective on IT management, focusing on how IT professionals, non-technical managers, and external service providers work together to ensure that applications , data, and knowledge align with organizational strategy and business processes (i.e., Strategic IT Alignment). Cases and readings examine how companies in various industries use IT to serve customers well, manage operations efficiently, coordinate with business partners, and make better business decisions. We consider how to maximize the strategic benefits of investments in hardware and software, while minimizing risks. The course places equal weight on technical and managerial skills. Our primary objective is to help students prepare to be effective contributors to IT initiatives in partnership with IT professionals, including external service providers here and abroad.

GR602 | Business Process Management

Provides a conceptual framework for understanding the fundamentals and characteristics of business processes. To set a solid foundation for accomplishing this aim, reviews the basics of process analysis and introduces process modeling. Included here are various methods of analyzing, measuring and evaluating processes. With these fundamentals in place, explores the concept of the value chain to offer a backdrop for understanding both intra- and inter-organizational relationships and the associated dependencies that exist. The last part of the course focuses on how information technology can be used effectively in redesigning processes to improve their overall performance. Students are introduced to the enterprise resource planning system SAP. The course includes assignments, exercises and projects focused on different aspects of business processes.

GR603 | Leading Responsibly

Examines the multiple roles of ethical and responsible leadership and the challenges associated with leading organizations and teams in a rapidly changing environment. Through discussion, case analysis, and team based experiential exercises; students explore the complex issues of responsibly leading and guiding organizations and teams in contemporary society. Focus is placed on the development of the student as evolving leader. Students assess individual strengths and weaknesses as a leader, identify and develop a range of leadership competencies, and then apply these leadership skills to a variety of situations.

GR604 | Global Strategy

This course focuses on how multinational companies and other firms create and sustain competitive advantage in a highly competitive, networked economy. Students learn about models of competition such as Porter's Five Forces model and D'Aveni's Hyper-Competition. Strategic innovation, the resource-based view of the firm, and new business models are other important topics. Emphasis is placed on formulating strategy at the corporate and business levels and on implementing strategy at all levels of the firm. The macro-global environment, ethics, risk management and government regulation are covered. This course serves as a capstone course, with discussion of comprehensive, international case studies that require financial analysis. Students use the university's Trading Room for research projects.

GR606 | Designing for the Value Chain

This course introduces concepts relating to value chain management, including supply chain management and designing new goods and services. Students apply these concepts in simulations of real-world business situations, deepen their knowledge by learning from industry guest speakers, and work within a team to experience the complexities of making collaborative decisions and engage with individuals across teams to generate insights for solving business problems. The course will prepare students for understanding complex product design, supply chain, and global business environments.

GR645 | Law, Ethics and Social Responsibility

This course provides an overview of the legal environment of business, with an emphasis on the roles of law, ethics and corporate social responsibility in managerial decision-making. The course provides an overview of traditional sources of ethics and ethical conflict. These will ground students in the legal and ethical framework for the specific areas of law studied throughout the rest of the course. The course also covers the resolution of legal disputes, Constitutional law, torts including product liability, contracts and sales, employment law, intellectual property and environmental concerns. International perspectives on legal issues will also be included in almost every week of the course. The course will also examine the ways in which the Internet, including e-commerce and online publications, affects the legal environment of business. The course prepares students to spot legal and ethical issues in business, and to seek expert legal advice where appropriate.

Elective Courses


Four electives are required and may be completed in either of the following options:

Option 1: Declare one of the Concentrations below and select four courses from the list of below offerings.

  • Accountancy
  • Business Analytics
  • Finance
  • Information Systems and Technology
  • Law and Taxation
  • Leadership
  • Marketing

Option 2: Take four courses for a general MBA. 

Application Deadlines

Upcoming Deadlines & Program Requirements

To create a thriving population of students with a wide range of life and work experiences, Bentley considers the entirety of candidates’ applications including prior work experience, test scores, learning objectives, and other factors as we determine admissions decisions. Visit our page to view application deadlines and rounds for both Fall and Spring entry terms.  

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Iris Berdrow
Iris Berdrow, MBA, Ph.D.
Program Director and Associate Professor of Management

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