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For the Next Generation of Business Leaders

Bentley's STEM MBA program equips future business leaders with the skills necessary to excel in today's data- and technology-driven environment. Through a blend of theoretical foundations and hands-on experiences, students learn to harness the power of technology, leverage data analytics, and make informed decisions that drive organizational success. Students can specialize in Accounting Analytics, Business Analytics, Financial Analytics, or Information Systems and Technology.

Technology and Analytics Focused

The STEM MBA seamlessly combines robust technology and analytics expertise. Graduates emerge equipped with highly sought-after skills, paving the way for increased job prospects and the capacity to make impactful contributions to their organizations.

Customized Degree

Students can tailor their degree based on their career goals by choosing from four technology-driven majors: Accounting Analytics, Business Analytics, Financial Analytics, and Information Systems and Technology. 

Additional Optional Practical Training

International students who complete the required curriculum for the STEM MBA may be eligible to apply to USCIS for an additional two years of Optional Practical Training (OPT).

Your MBA Education

The STEM MBA can be completed between 12 to 16 total courses and consists of foundation, core, and elective credits.

*Students with the appropriate background may be waived from all foundation courses but will be required to add electives if they have been waived from more than three. Four electives are required and provide students with options to choose one of the four STEM-eligible majors. See an outline below of the required and elective courses. 


Each major consists of at least seven STEM courses: three in the core and four to six in the electives. 

Accounting Analytics Major

The Accounting Analytics major covers a broad range of topics in business quantitative methods integrated with key areas of interest in Accounting. Graduates will be prepared to apply analytical skills to benefit from opportunities offered by modern IT-driven accounting. Students who elect the Accounting Analytics major can choose from the following electives. A sampling below:

AC 611 Financial Reporting and Analysis
AC 612 Advanced Topics in Financial Reporting 
AC 730 Business Processes and Controls Assessment 
AC 731 Financial Information Systems 
AC 742 Information Technology Auditing
AC 750 Federal Income Taxation
AC 770 Data Analytics for Accountants 
AC 777 Accounting Analytics in Practice 

Business Analytics Major

The Business Analytics major will require five 100% STEM-focused major courses. The topics include computer databases, computer programming, inference, machine learning, optimization, probability and stochastic modes, statistics, strategy, uncertainty quantification and visual analytics. Required major courses are:

ST 625 Quantitative Analysis for Business
ST 635 Intermediate Statistical Modeling for Business
MA 610 Optimization and Simulation for Business Decisions
MA 705 Data Science
MA 707 Machine Learning

Financial Analytics Major

The Financial Analytics major topics include financial analytics, financial data processing, knowledge management, data visualization, effective decision communication, machine learning for finance, statistical inference and dynamic modeling on financial data and project management. Required major courses are:

FI 623 Investments 
FI 650 Quantitative Investment Management 
FI 774 Computational Finance 
CS 655 Managing with Analytics

Information Systems and Technology (IST) Major

The IST major covers a broad range of topics that apply methods and technologies of computer science and information systems to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities within data-driven organizations. Students in the major will choose four of the following 100% STEM-focused courses. A sampling below:

CS 602 Data-Driven Development with Python
CS 607 Cybersecurity 
CS 610 Enterprise Architecture
CS 650 Data Analytics Architectures with Big Data
CS 655 Managing with Analytics 
CS 725 Information Security, Controls, and Ethics
CS 733 AI Techniques and Applications
CS 741 Enterprise Systems Planning and Configuration
CS 753 Business Intelligence Methods and Technologies

Natalie Nguyen, Bentley alum
My degree gave me the skills and confidence to excel in data-driven decision-making.
Natalie Nguyen
Product Operations Manager, Google

Your Student Experience

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Clubs and Organizations

Graduate Student Association: The Association plans events, provides oversight of other graduate student organizations, and advocates for graduate students on university administrative committees and on the Graduate Council.

Graduate Student OrganizationsFormed and led by students who share similar interests. There are many graduate student organizations running events on campus over the semester, which are open to all graduate students.

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Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS)

Bentley University offers a warm and inviting community for international students to learn, grow professionally, and engage with the world. The Center for International Students and Scholars (CISS) offers resources for international students and promotes interactions between domestic and international students. CISS makes it possible for all Bentley students to gain both a global perspective and a broadened world view.

High-Tech Labs and Centers

Bentley's high-tech labs are equipped with cutting-edge technologies, fostering hands-on learning experiences that challenge students both in and out of the classroom. Through innovative projects and partnerships with corporate entities, our labs enable students to uncover solutions to real-world challenges, driving impactful research and skill development.

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How a Graduate Degree from Bentley Changed a Career

Amrita Choudhary ‘20 was recently featured in an MSN article showcasing her career success. Choudhary enrolled at Bentley for her MBA and Master's in Financial Analytics degrees and she knew the program’s balanced approach of "world-class teaching and real-world preparation" would be key to her professional success.

Read More Her Experience

Amrita Choudhary ‘20

Career Outcomes

Employers Hiring Our Graduates

When you join the Bentley community, you have lifetime access to the award-winning Pulsifer Career Development Center. With 45+ Graduate Career events each year and access to career coaches, a graduate degree prepares you for a wide range of careers, no matter the industry you are interested in. 

Bryan Candelario Román, MBA
I chose Bentley for my MBA because of its strong reputation in the business world, professors with industry experience, and diverse career opportunities available upon graduating.
Bryan Candelario Román, MBA
Project Coordinator, State Street

See What Our Students Have to Say

Hear firsthand from students their experience at Bentley. Take Hiral Mehta ’22 who explains how much she has learned from her faculty and peers.

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A Supportive Community

Visit with Bentley staff members on campus and learn more about the resources available to you as a current student. Featured in this video are Graduate Academic Advising, New Student Programs, Graduate Career Development, and our Center for International Students & Scholars.


Your Admission Team

Graduate Admission Team
Graduate Admission Team
175 Forest Street, Waltham MA 02452
Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Eastern
+1 (781) 891-2108

The Graduate Admission team is happy to help you throughout your search and application process. 

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