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Clubs & Organizations

Connect with classmates through clubs and organizations tied to your personal and professional interests.

Participating in a student organization teaches valuable skills in leadership, teamwork and collaboration. And the best part: You’re sure to have fun in the process. Luncheons, dinners, pub nights and other opportunities enable full-time and part-time graduate students to network and discuss issues of common interest.

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the largest graduate student organization, which spearheads a range of events and programs. The GSA represents all graduate students at Bentley. The GSA plans events, provides oversight of other graduate student organizations, and advocates for graduates students on university administrative committees and on the Graduate Council, which is responsible for institutional policies and curricula. Like GSA on Facebook!

Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate Student Organizations are formed and led by students who share a similar interest in a specific topic — many times centered around their field. There are many graduate student organizations running events on campus over the course of the semester, which are open to all graduate students: