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Office of Student Success


Graduate Engagement

At Bentley, you’ll join a lively community of both part-time and full-time students from around the world, whose diverse experiences and backgrounds contribute to your own learning. Bentley offers graduate students with unique opportunities for our local students and distance students.

Graduate Academic Advising & Engagement is committed to provide graduate students with support outside of the classroom and to enhance the graduate student experience. At Bentley University, graduate students have the opportunity to participate in Graduate Student Orientation, various involvement opportunities and are provided with assistance for searching for off-campus housing. Within Graduate Academic Advising & Engagement, we want to help graduates students identify resources on campus which can make your graduate student experience one that is robust, engaging and meaningful.

Graduate Student Appreciation Week is approaching!

Check out the events being offered during the week from Tuesday, April 16 through Saturday, April 20, 2024.

GSAW 2024 Schedule!

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GAAE Events & Workshops!

Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate Student Association

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) is a governing body that tries to better the university environment by representing all graduate students at Bentley. The GSA plans events, provides oversight of other graduate student organizations, and advocates for graduate students on university administrative committees.

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Graduate Student Organizations

Graduate Student Organizations are formed and led by students who share a similar interest in a specific topic — many times centered around their field. There are many organizations running events on campus over the course of the semester, which are open to all graduate students.

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Resources for Graduate Students

Athletics & Recreation

Bentley has competitive NCAA Division II teams in nearly two dozen sports and a Division I hockey program that plays at The Bentley Arena.  In addition, the Dana Athletic Center has everything you need to play, practice and stay in shape. Also, graduate students can participate in Intramural sports as well. 

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Bentley University celebrates everyone's differences and encourages curiosity. Diverse backgrounds, identities, beliefs and life experiences all come together at Bentley, making it a vibrant place to learn and explore. Through conversation, programs and events, Bentley encourages shaping the world we want to live in.

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Health & Wellness

Bentley University values your well-being, and the Centers for Health, Counseling and Wellness are staff with caring individuals who are here to support you. Each of these offices offer a full range of services from experienced staff. 

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Bentley University is committed to providing nutritious, accessible and inclusive dining experiences for everyone. As part of this mission, we strive to meet the dietary needs of all participants. There are multiple venues around campus to grab a bite to eat. 

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Graduate students who are looking for off-campus accommodations or roommates can visit our Bentley University Off-Campus Housing Service! This free service allows you to search, save and compare housing listings from throughout Greater Boston. Or use our Roommate Finder to link up with potential roommates.

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There are multiple ways to get to campus and to move around campus. Bentley provides two free shuttle options for easy transit throughout campus and to MBTA connections to Harvard Square and Boston. Also for students who drive to campus, you will need to register your car and purchase a parking decal.

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Eligibility and Participation for Undergraduate & Graduate Activities

Bentley is committed to providing students a strong student life experience. Those experiences are intentionally designed to engage students appropriately at both the undergraduate and graduate level. Knowing that relationships and connections can be an important component of the University experience, students are encouraged to fully engage in the student life experience designed for them.

Given the diversity of Bentley’s curriculum and academic experiences, Bentley students often find themselves bridging the undergraduate and graduate spheres of the academy. With access to multiple blended-term programs, it is important to clarify which student life experiences, including student organizations, student events, and on-campus housing, are available for each population. This policy outlines definitions of student status as well as details for University event participation and ability to reside in University housing.

The office of Student Programs & Engagement is designed to work primarily with undergraduate students while Graduate Programs & Engagement is dedicated to providing an intentional experience for graduate students. Students with questions about this policy and how it applies to their experience should reach out to the related department as outlined above. Also, for individuals who recently graduated, the Center for Alumni, Parents and Friends provides opportunities for engagement.


Undergraduate Student:

For the purpose of this policy, an undergraduate students is defined as an active student enrolled, either full-time or part-time, in a Bentley undergraduate degree program who is classified within the Class Codes 1 through 9 and has paid the undergraduate student activity fee designated by their status.

Graduate Student:

For the purpose of this policy, a graduate student is defined as an active student enrolled, either full-time or part-time, in a Bentley graduate degree program or an exchange program registered in graduate courses at Bentley University and has paid the graduate student activity fee designated by their status.                           

Ability to Participate in University Events

Undergraduate:  Students enrolled at the University as undergraduate students may not participate in graduate events or activities, unless specifically noted. Undergraduate students may not hold membership or leadership positions in graduate student organizations unless otherwise noted.

Graduate:  Students enrolled at the University as graduate students may not participate in undergraduate events or activities, unless specifically noted. Students who began the academic year (fall semester) as Bentley undergraduate student term may participate in undergraduate activities for the subsequent spring semester provided they pay the full-time undergraduate activity fee for that spring semester in addition to the full-time graduate activity fee. Graduate students may not hold membership or leadership positions in undergraduate student organizations, regardless of their status in the fall, unless otherwise noted.

University Housing

Graduate:  On campus housing is not available for graduate students. Students who begin the fall semester as an undergraduate student may be eligible to remain in campus housing for the subsequent spring semester. 

Bentley in the Bahamas (formerly Commencement Week)

Bentley students who are enrolled as undergraduates in the fall semester and become a Bentley graduate student in the spring semester may participate in the Bentley in the Bahamas trip that year. 

If a Bentley undergraduate student graduates a semester early in December and does not enroll in Bentley graduate school for the spring semester, then the student must petition to participate in the Bentley in the Bahamas trip.  If the petition is approved, the student must sign the Bentley in the Bahamas Trip Waiver and pay a refundable deposit as terms of participation.    

If a Bentley undergraduate student graduates a semester late in December, the student is able to participate in the trip with their class. 

Bentley students who graduate a full year early are not eligible to attend the trip.

It is important to note that a Bentley student can participate in the trip one time only.

Eligibility and Participation Form:

If you believe you qualify to participate in an activity, please complete the Eligibility and Participation form.  

Contact Information

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