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Forms and Procedures

How to add/change a program of study


discuss your eligibility with an Academic Advisor


complete this form

In addition to this request we must also receive:

  • A brief essay (see form for details)

  • Your current resume

  • A recent copy of your Degree Audit

  • Your change request in Workday

Please allow 7-10 business days for a response, though it may take longer during busy periods

A note for International Students:

  • If approved for a dual degree you must meet with CISS to clarify visa status

Curious what programs we offer?

GR 521 Waiver Exam 

If GR 521 is required for your degree program or you plan to take an elective with this prerequisite, you must earn a score of 80 or better on the exam to demonstrate proficiency in statistics and obtain a foundation waiver.

To be eligible to take the exam:

  • you must have successfully completed a statistics class
  • you must receive permission by completing the waiver appeal form

After receiving permission to take the exam:

  1. Complete the GR 521 Exam Form
  2. Register with Hawkes Learning to access the exam and review materials
  3. For the proctor service of the exam: register with ProctorU and choose “Test Taker”
  4. Review FAQs for taking the GR 521 exam

Note: the exam may only be taken once!

Course Waivers and Appeals
As part of your acceptance to Bentley, Graduate Admission will list which courses you are eligible to waive. If you'd like to have a course re-evaluated or if you have courses to add, the course must have been completed within five years with a grade of B or better and you must be able to provide detailed documentation
  • Detailed Documentation includes the following:

    • the course syllabus/description
    • list of textbooks used
    • transcript from the school
    • your reason for why the course should be waived

If you believe relevant work experience qualifies for a waiver you may also include a resume and a detailed job description 

If approved, a copy will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office and the waiver will be recorded on your student record

Ready to get started with your waiver request?

Follow the corresponding process below!

If you have yet to begin your coursework at Bentley:
  1. Log into your applicant portal and navigate to the "Application Status" page
  2. At the top of the page click the "Waivers" tab. Here, you will see your waivers along with the “Waiver Review” section
  3. In the “Waiver Review” section, complete the form “Petition for Review of Additional Waivers and Substitutions” and submit it with your detailed documentation (see above)
NOTE: Students should not contact program directors directly to ask about appeals during this time and program directors should refer all requests in this timeframe to Graduate Admission. Graduate Admission will continue reviewing appeals until the start of classes.
If classes have begun:

The decision to waive a course or not lies with the departmental representative (see form for details)

The representative will review your completed form and detailed documentation (see above)

  • If requesting more than one waiver complete a separate form for each contact person
NOTE: Students should not contact Graduate Admission to ask about appeals after courses have begun