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Forms and Procedures

GR 521 Waiver Exam 

If GR 521 is required for your degree program or you plan to take an elective with this prerequisite, you must earn a score of 80 or better on the exam to demonstrate proficiency in statistics and obtain a foundation waiver.

To be eligible to take the exam:

  • you must have successfully completed a statistics class
  • you must receive permission by completing the waiver appeal form

After receiving permission to take the exam:

Note: the exam may only be taken once!

Course Waiver Policy and Appeal Process

As part of a student’s acceptance, Graduate Admissions will list the courses which a student is eligible to waive. If a student would like to have a course re-evaluated they can follow the process below.

Before the start of classes:

  1. A student should log into their applicant portal and navigate to their "Application Status" page.
  2. At the top of the page, the student should click the "Waivers" tab. Here, they will see their waivers along with the “Waiver Review” section. 
  3. The student should complete the “Petition for Review of Additional Waivers and Substitutions” form in the “Waiver Review” section and submit it with detailed documentation about the course they completed.  The detailed documentation may include a course syllabus, a course description, textbooks used, and/or a transcript.  Please note that the course must have been completed within five years and the student must have earned a grade of B or better to qualify for a waiver.  If the student believes work experience is relevant, a detailed job description might be included. 
  4. NOTE: Students should not contact program directors directly to ask about appeals during this time and program directors should refer all requests in this timeframe to Graduate Admissions. Graduate Admissions will continue with late appeals until the start of classes.

After the start of classes:

  1. A student must work directly with the designated representative for each course using the "Post Matriculation Waiver Appeal Form".
  2. The “Post Matriculation Waiver Appeal Form” must be completed and all appropriate documentation attached. The documentation should include an explanation of why the student believes the course should be waived, a transcript, and a course syllabus with a course description and textbooks used.  If the student believes work experience qualifies them for a waiver, a resume and a detailed job description should be included. 
  3. The departmental representative will make a final decision.
  4. If requesting more than one waiver, complete a separate form for each contact person.

A copy of the approved waiver form will be forwarded to the Registrar’s Office. The Registrar will enter the waiver into the student record.