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Internships & Directed Study

Obtaining a Graduate Internship

Step 1: Review the Academic Requirements and Policies governing internships for credit to determine eligibility.

Step 2: Review the available internships. Graduate Career Services advisors are available for appointments to discuss the internship options.

Step 3: Academic Qualifications

  • Schedule an advising appointment with an advisor from Graduate Student Academic Services to review academic qualifications. The advisor will complete the academic qualification section of the application.
  • Graduate Assistants and Research Assistants are not allowed to complete an internship while serving in this role.

Step 4: Schedule an appointment with the appropriate Faculty Internship Coordinator:

AC 590 and AC 701
Karen Osterheld
Adamian 282

CS 701, CS 881 and CS 590
Dennis Anderson
Smith 400

EC 701
Jeff Livingston
Adamian Academic Center 171
ETH 701
W. Michael Hoffman
Adamian 116

FI 590 and FI 701
Claude Cicchetti
Morison 121

FP 590 and FP 781
Scott Thomas
Morison 284

HF 590 and HF 790
William Gribbons
Adamian 261
IB 701
Goli Eshghi
Adamian 317

IPM 701, IPM 590
Dennis Anderson
Smith 400


MG 590 and MG 701
Fred Tuffile
Adamian 286

MK 590 and MK 701
James Pouliopoulos
Morison 296

ST 590 and ST 701

Piaomu Liu
Morison 393

TX 590 and TX 781
Scott Thomas
Morison 284

Step 5: International students must consult with the Center for International Students and Scholars (Student Center 350) to determine requirements and eligibility for Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT). They should bring the signed CPT form and offer letter to CISS, who will process the new I-20 in 3-5 business days. 

Directed Study

Policy Governing Directed Studies

Students are limited to taking no more than two of the following to satisfy elective or concentration requirements: Global Business Experience courses, field-based directed study courses or credit-bearing internships. Individual programs may have further restrictions. Consult with a program director for details.

Preparation for Directed Study

Students interested in pursuing a directed study must prepare a syllabus in collaboration with the faculty member who will be supervising the directed study.

The syllabus should include the following:

  • A brief description of the investigation
  • Goals and objectives for the investigation
  • A required readings bibliography
  • Explanation of course deliverables
  • Percentage attributed to each course deliverable
  • Timeline for course deliverables and course completion
  • Faculty evaluation methods for deliverables

Students must also complete a Directed Study Petition and submit the proposed syllabus with the petition.

Once complete, supervising faculty and department chairs will be required to sign off on the merit of the proposal. If approved, the student will be registered for the approved course.

Deadlines for Directed Study

  • Requests for directed study must be submitted by the first day of the semester that the course will be taken.
  • Approval must be granted prior to beginning the study.

Cost of Directed Study

  • Current tuition is charged for each directed study.

Transcript Notation for Directed Study

  • These courses will be recorded on the transcript with a notation of the topic investigated along with a corresponding course number assigned by an academic department.