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Academic Advisors

Graduate learning at Bentley is a comprehensive, holistic, transformative activity that integrates academic engagement and personal development. We work collaboratively with program directors and concentration advisors to provide students the resources they need to achieve their academic goals.

Sara Simeone
Associate Director
College Student Development & Counseling
Northeastern University

Nicole Black
Associate Director
College Student Development & Counseling
Northeastern University

Iva Shosho
Senior Academic Advisor
Higher Education, Student Affairs
Boston College
A.J. Darcey
Assistant Director, Grad Programs & Engagement
Higher Education and Student Affairs
The Ohio State University

Jaime Smith
Senior Program Assistant
Business Communications
The University of Maine

Office: Jennison 336
Phone: 781.891.2348

Program Directors
Faculty program directors provide advising for each masters degree and certificate program. Faculty also work directly with students interested in gaining field-based experience through internships. Graduate program directors are available by appointment and should be contacted directly.
MBA Programs
Iris Berdrow
Master of Accounting & Master of Audit Analytics
Len Pepe
Master of Business Analytics
Mihaela Predescu
Master of Finance 
Claude Cicchetti
Master of Taxation
Timothy Tierney
Master of Human Factors in Info Design
William Gribbons
Master of Digital Innovation
Akram Ahmed
Master of Marketing Analytics
Isaura Beltre

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MBA Concentration Advisors
Len Pepe
Business Analytics
Mihaela Predescu
Economics of Financial Markets
Dave Gulley
Claude Cicchetti
Law and Taxation
Timothy Tierney
Iris Berdrow
Isaura Beltre
Information Technology (CS)
Akram Ahmed
Information and Process Management (IPM)
Heikki Topi

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Internship Coordinators
3-credit courses 1-credit courses Internship Coordinator
AC 701 AC 590

Scott Boss

CS 701(MBA students)

  Lincoln Matra

CS 881 (MSIT & MSMBA students)

  Lincoln Matra
EC 701   Jeff Livingston
ES 701   Fred Tuffile
ETH 701   Jeffrey Moriarty
FI 701 FI 590 Claude Cicchetti
FP 781 FP 590 Timothy Tierney
IPM 701 IPM 590 Lincoln Matra
HF 790 HF 590 William Gribbons
MG 701 MG 590 Fred Tuffile
MK 701 MK 590 James Pouliopoulos
ST 701 ST 590 Piaomu Liu
TX 781 TX 590 Timothy Tierney

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