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Undergraduate Admission

Who Is My Admission Counselor?

Find your enrollment counselor and begin your journey at Bentley University! We know that choosing a college is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make. So we want to make sure you have all the information you need to make the choice that’s right for you. Our admission counselors are available to talk or answer questions, so feel free to reach out if there’s anything we can do to make your college search easier.

If you want to know which admission counselor you'll be working with, enter your Zip Code or the name of your Country below.  If you need more guidance, please contact us

Cait Arnold
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission

Bentley Advice: Make the most of all the resources available to you as you move through the college search and application process! Ask any and all questions you may have, as having the answers to those questions will better inform your decision on where you spend your undergraduate career. 

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Michael Brosseau
Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission

Take advantage of any opportunity to visit Bentley University and connect with members of our campus community. Whether you speak with your admission counselor, student ambassador or a faculty member, you will gain valuable insight that will have you walking away knowing something new about Bentley!

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Rachel Brown
Assistant Director

Being proactive with your college search and application process is key! By taking advantage of interviews, tours and information sessions, you will have a better understanding of whether a school is right for you. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to your admissions counselor who will guide you through the process!

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Jennifer Finnigan
Senior Assistant Director of Transfer Admission
Transfer Students with Last Names Ending in L-Z

Bentley Advice: Never hesitate to reach out and connect with your college admission counselors at every step in your search process. We are here to answer your questions and help you along the way!

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Karen Karidoyanes
Director, Undergraduate International and Transfer Admission
Native Greek Speaker & Intermediate in Spanish

Bentley Advice: After over 30 years working in international education, each interaction with an International student continues to bring a learning experience for me. I oversee Bentley’s international admission and encourage prospective students to challenge themselves both inside and outside of the classroom.

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Shatasia Kearse
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission

Bentley Advice: My advice for students looking for the right college is to look at the admission counselors’ bios and talk to them during our visit. Every counselor has their own experience to share!

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Donna Kendall
Associate Vice President of Enrollment and Dean of Undergraduate Admission

Favorite Bentley Moment: I enjoy serving pancakes at midnight to hungry students prior to final exams at the semi-annual Breakfast By Moonlight, sponsored by the Residence Hall Association. I have never seen so many pancakes consumed in such a short period of time. And the students all have a blast connecting with each other before they buckle down to study.

Jake Mulvey
Senior Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission

Bentley Advice: Take your time while filling out the application and make sure that you have a counselor or teacher review your essay. Also, if you feel that you cannot convey everything that you would like to on the application itself, do not hesitate to send along a resume with your application.

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Kalianni Neal-Desatnik
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission

My advice throughout the college search is to make sure a campus has all the resources and opportunities that make a place home for you. Have you ever wanted to take up ceramics or student newspaper? Maybe you're looking to continue a sport or study abroad. Connect with these organizations and clubs because they could be your peers soon enough! 

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Erik Osborne
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission

Bentley Advice: Connect with members of our community through the chat platform on our website! It is a great way to learn about life at Bentley from a current student or member of our staff. Whether you want to learn about academic programs, on-campus housing, athletics or study abroad, we are here to help.

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Mario Silva-Rosa
Director of Undergraduate Admission
Native Spanish Speaker; Beginner in Portuguese

Bentley Advice: I have always been excited about meeting new people and developing relationships along the way. I like the fact that Bentley University has been a great conduit for many current students and alums alike to grow intellectually and personally while becoming thoughtful citizens and great contributors in our world. A piece of great advice that I can share with you is: Visit. You will not regret it.

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Joseph Spero
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission

Favorite Bentley Event: My favorite event by far is Admitted Student Day. Not only is this the day when faculty, staff and current students come together to congratulate all of the admitted students on their hard work and achievements, but we are also welcoming them to the Bentley Community! 

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Viviana Suavita
Associate Director of Undergraduate Admission
Native Spanish Speaker

Bentley Advice: If you can, start your college search process junior year. You will be surprised how quickly senior year comes and how busy it will be. Start researching or simply looking early. By the time fall comes, you want to have an organized list of schools you’re applying to and, hopefully, visiting if you haven’t already. Listen to your gut! As cliche as it may sound, you will know when a school is a good fit for you.

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Diana Sunder
Senior Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission

Bentley Advice: Use your college essay as a space to really tell us who you are! Tell us a story about something that fascinated you, confused you, or frustrated you. What is your most daring goal or future you see for yourself?

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Emma Tichner
Assistant Director

Favorite Bentley Moment: When prospective students come back from a campus tour and tell us they love Bentley, often because of the great connection they had with their tour guide. Bentley students are so passionate, well-spoken, and incredibly driven and it's rewarding to see them connect with families going through the college search process.

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Nancy Brown Wentzell
Transfer Counselor
Transfer Students with Last Names Ending in A-F

Bentley Advice: Do not hesitate to ask questions about Bentley! Even though you have attended college before, we know that most aspects of Bentley are new to you. We are happy to help you maximize your past experiences and continue your exciting academic and personal journey.

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Kim Wesolowski
Assistant Director of Undergraduate Admission

Bentley Advice: It’s ok if you don’t know what you want to do after college! Don’t be afraid to try out every course, club, or organization that interests you. You never know where you’ll find your true passion!

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Kyle Wilson
Associate Director, Admission Partnerships & Pathways
Transfer Students with Last Names Ending in G-K

Bentley Advice: As a potential transfer student, it’s never too early to start a conversation. We are here to answer any questions you may have on the transfer process – just reach out to us!

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Office of Undergraduate Admission

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