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Welcome to the January Acceptance Program

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Congratulations again on your admission to Bentley's January Acceptance Program beginning in January 2024.  We know you will be a great fit for Bentley and that you are poised to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities this campus has to offer.  You will join a group of new students from across the United States and almost 100 countries worldwide, ranging from big cities to small towns, providing a rich mix of religious, socioeconomic, political, racial, and ethnic perspectives.


Your Journey Starts Here

Congratulations on your admission! After getting to know you throughout the application process, we believe Bentley is a place where you will explore, grow, learn, and spend some of the best years of your life. Take a look at just a few of the things you can experience on your falcon journey. 

Program benefits

  • On-Campus Housing:  Housing is available for all four years. Starting in January 2024, you'll have the opportunity to live on campus, just steps away from our recently renovated Student Center.
  • Falcon Discovery Seminar: a three-credit course for first-year students that gives you all the tools you'll need for academic success.  
  • Transfer Credits: We accept qualified course credit from other colleges, and applicable AP and IB credits. Your past hard work, and/or a few classes taken in the fall can put you on track to graduate in May 2027. If you choose to take classes at another university in fall 2023, we encourage you to contact our office for guidance on your choice of courses. We want you to avoid taking courses that will not transfer to Bentley. More information about advanced standing credits can be found here.  
  • Nationally Ranked Career Development Office: From the minute you step onto campus in the spring, your career preparation begins. In your first semester, you'll take Career Development Introduction class (CDI 101), and develop a personalized plan to understand your passions, build your skills and discover possible career paths.
  • Financial Aid:  If you have completed your financial aid application, your package will be posted on BentleyConnect under the "financial aid" tab.
  • Choose what you want to do in the fall:  Students enrolling in the January Acceptance Program often use the fall semester to independently pursue a wide range of options such as taking courses, taking a gap semester to travel, working or participating in a community service project. 
nate Schroeder, bentley student
Immediately I found so many students that I connected with, and I've had so many incredible experiences in such little time that I forget I started in January
Nate Schroeder

January Acceptance Program FAQs

Why do you have a January Acceptance Program?

The January Admission Program was added as an admission option because we have many more qualified candidates in our fall applicant pool than we can accommodate. In the spring semester, more space becomes available when current Bentley students study abroad or graduate early. 

How many students enroll in the January Acceptance Program?

The number varies from year to year. It can range from 30 to over 100. It all depends on the availability of campus resources.

How will I get acclimated to life at Bentley?

All January students start the New Student Onboarding and Orientation process online in October. You will be sent information that outlines all of the steps you will need in order to start life at Bentley, including class registration, housing and meal plans. In addition, you will have an on-campus orientation which starts the third week of January 2024. You will receive more details via your Bentley email in October. .

What about on-campus housing?

You will have access to on-campus housing for all four years. Whenever possible, you will be placed with other new students, either those who started in the fall or in the spring semester. You will apply for housing in the fall as part of your New Student Onboarding.

What can I do in my gap semester?

Students do a wide range of things including working, traveling, pursuing service opportunities or doing an internship. Here is a list of 75 fun Gap Year Ideas from mycollegeguide. You can also take classes at another university or community college in the fall and earn up to a full semester of college credit (equivalent to 15 credits at Bentley). If you choose to enroll in courses, we encourage you to contact our office for guidance to ensure you take classes that will transfer to Bentley. 

What should I take if I decide to enroll in courses at another institution during the fall?

If you plan to enroll in courses at another institution prior to beginning at Bentley in January 2024, we recommend you prioritize the following courses as these will most easily transfer to fulfill your Bentley degree requirements:

  • Expository Writing 101/Composition  
  • Statistics 
  • Science 
  • U.S. History I or II 
  • Microeconomics 
  • Intro to Sociology 
  • Ethics (Philosophy) 

We recommend you avoid taking classes like Personal Finance, General Business, or Computer Science classes as these are more difficult to transfer in.  If you have questions about whether or not a class is appropriate to take, please contact your Admission Counselor for guidance.


Can I defer my enrollment until the fall?

Yes, we will allow you to defer an additional semester if you would like to start in the fall of 2024. You will be required to pay an additional $500 deposit fee if you defer a semester. 

Will I be considered for financial assistance if I enroll in the January Acceptance Program?

Yes, assuming you meet the financial aid application deadlines, you will be considered for all forms of need-based financial aid. Students who were offered the January Acceptance Program from the wait list are not eligible for academic scholarships. 

How do I stay updated about next steps as an incoming student?

Be sure to check your BentleyConnect portal for important updates in October, and make sure we have a current email address for you on file (not your previous high school email address if you had one).

Deposited Student Checklist and Next Steps

  • Submit materials for advanced standing credit consideration

Submit materials for advanced standing credit consideration if you have taken exams for Advanced Placement (AP) courses, the International or French Baccalaureate programs, GCE, A-levels, CAPE or if you have pursued coursework at a college/university.

  • Save the date for Orientation

For students entering January 2024, Bentley has a two-part orientation program designed to get you up to speed before and when you arrive on campus. First, you’ll go through an online orientation, introducing you to university resources and taking care of time-sensitive tasks that need attention before your big move. You will participate in a more formal on-campus New Student Orientation during the third week of January 2024. 

  • Move-In Dates for Resident Students

New students move into their residence halls in the third week of January 2024. Please check back for exact move-in times and welcome details. In addition to residential or commuter student check-in, international students must complete their immigration registration. International students can find more information to prepare for your arrival here.

  • International Students

The I-20 Visa form issued by Bentley will be valid beginning in January 2024. F-1 Visa applicants must submit their enrollment deposit and the VICFR (Visa Information and Confirmation of Financial Resources) form found on BentleyConnect.

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