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professor christian rubio speaks talks with three students

Honors Program

Push yourself to greater heights

Challenge yourself

The best don’t rest when they get to the top. It’s one reason we designed our Honors Program to challenge our top students as much as reward them.

As a Bentley Honors student, you’ll get access to special classes presented in a highly interactive seminar format, emphasizing the study of original works (instead of textbooks) and contributions made by you and your fellow students. You’ll be involved in individual, group and faculty research projects, and enjoy social and networking opportunities on campus and throughout Greater Boston.    

Let’s get to know each other better

Program Requirements

There is no formal application process for admission into the Honors Program. All prospective students are considered for the program when they apply to Bentley. Approximately the top 8% to 10% of incoming first-year students are invited to join the program upon acceptance to Bentley, and will receive the invitation as part of their acceptance package.

Academic factors that may be considered for admission are high school course rigor, GPA, AP test scores, and SAT/ACT scores among other factors. In general, the program seeks out motivated, academically strong, and well-rounded students with leadership potential. Moreover, many honors students are involved in extracurricular activities, community service, and/or athletics.    

If you are not initially invited into the program but have a strong academic record and desire to be challenged, you may also apply for admission to the program during your first year of courses at Bentley.

Student Profiles

Rachel’s college experience was better because of the Honors Program

The Honors Program enhanced Rachel’s education and college experience by leveraging academic resources and bringing her closer to peers and professors.

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Bentley’s Honors Program taught Amanda new ways to learn

Through Bentley’s Honors Program, Amanda learned how to work well in a team environment. 

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The honors advantage
three students working with professor aaron jackson

Student research

Student research is a crucial part of the Honors Program experience. There are many opportunities for you to be involved in research at Bentley, for example, pursuing lab or field work, serving as a research assistant through the Valente Center or the Center for the Integration of Science and Industry, or working independently with a faculty member.

Honors courses

In addition to the small class sizes, students have access to some specialized courses that are developed specifically for and only available through the Honors Program. 

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Activities and events

Honors students can take advantage of specialized events and activities such as the honors conference, networking opportunities and social functions.

An inside look at the Program

Bentley students share their experience.

professor christian rubio smiles in his office
I want students to leave the classroom having learned something that they feel has the power to improve their lives and help them grow.
Christian Rubio
Director of the Honors Program