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Advising Directory

Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors  | JEN336 | 781.891.2803

  • Cathy Carlson, Associate Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Leslie Doolittle, Executive Director of Academic Support Services
  • P.J.Dickson, Director of Educational Support Technology and First Year Academic Programs
  • Melissa Jenkins, Director of Undergraduate Academic Advising
  • Meghan Charbonneau, Senior Academic Advisor
  • Valerie Como, Senior Academic Advisor
  • Karina Ovalles, Senior Academic Advisor
  • Amy Weber, Senior Academic Advisor
  • Catalina Ocampo, Academic Advisor
Advising Resources

Athletic Department: Dana Center, 781-891-2256
Coordinator, Compliance/Recruiting: Cindy Scott 

Career Services: LAC 225, 781-891-2165
Director: Alyssa Hammond

Center for International Students and Scholars: 781-891-2829
Director: Christine Lookner

Counseling and Student Development: COL, 781-891-2274
Director: Peter Forkner

Cronin Office of International Education: AAC 161, 781-891-3474
Director: Natalie Schlegel

Financial Assistance: RAU 104, 781-891-3441
Director: Kathy Anderson

Honors Program: MOR 385, 781-891-2694
Director: Christian Rubio
Capstone Coordinator: Rob DeLeo

Falcon Fast-Track Program: JEN 336, 781-891-2348

Multicultural Center:  781-891-2132
Director: Michael McCorvey 

Registrar's Office: RAU 111
Registrar: Kathy Posey

Residence Life: 781-891-2148
Director: John Piga

Academic Departments

Major(s):  Accounting, Corporate Finance & Accounting, Information Systems Audit and Control

Computer Information Systems (CIS)
Major(s):  Computer Information Systems

Major(s):  Business Economics, Economics-Finance

*please contact all EC Chairs/Advisors via

English and Media Studies
Major(s):  Creative Industries, English, Media & Culture

Major(s):  Finance, Corporate Finance & Accounting, Economics-Finance

Global Studies
Major(s):  International Affairs, Public Policy

Major(s):  History

Information Design and Corporate Communication
Major(s):  IDCC, Creative Industries
IDCC Concentration(s): Business ICT

Information and Process Management

Law and Taxation

Liberal Arts

Major(s):  Management, Professional Sales
MG Concentration(s): Entrepreneurship, Global Management, Human Resources Management, Leadership, Supply-Chain and Operations Management

Major(s):  Marketing, Professional Sales

Mathematical Sciences 
Major(s):  Actuarial Science, Data Analytics, Mathematical Science

Modern Languages
Major(s):  Language, Culture, and Business with a language concentration

 Natural and Applied Sciences
Major(s):  Sustainability Science, Health Studies

Major(s):  Philosophy

Service Learning (Nonprofit Organizations)


Liberal Studies Major

LSM Coordinators

Director: Jane De León Griffin, MOR 312 x3187

American Studies
Chris Beneke, MOR 184, 781-891-2813

Diversity and Society
Gary David, MOR 194, 781-891-2698

Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability 
Ryan Bouldin, JEN 107, 781-891-2638

Ethics and Social Responsibility
Jeff Moriarty, AAC 115, 781.891.2085

Global Perspectives
Joel Deichmann, MOR 208, 781.891.2745

Health and Industry
Helen Meldrum, MOR 277, 781-891-3493

Media Arts and Society
Anna Siomopoulos, AAC 073, 781-891-2858

Quantitative Perspectives
Zsuzsanna Maar, MOR 355, 781-891-2084

Political Economy and Development

Pon Souvannaseng MOR 229, 781-891-2490 

Learning Resource Centers

CLIC (Center for Language and International Collaboration): AAC 162, 781-891-2017

CIS (Computer Info Systems) Sandbox: SMI 234, 781-891-3491

Eco-Fi-Stats (Economics/Finance/Statistics): AAC 122, 781-891-2460

ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages): LIB 026, 781-891-2021

LEAF (Howard A. Winer ‘58 Lab for Economics, Accounting and Finance): LIN 21, 781-891-3174

Mathematics: JEN 218, 781-891-3172

Writing Center:  Library, 781-891-3173