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Modern Languages

Whether or not you plan to use a foreign language in your future career, studying one at Bentley can significantly enhance your career options. It will also make you a more well-rounded individual and culturally sensitive global citizen. We offer a diverse and engaging array of courses in Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese and Spanish. Each class is carefully designed to help you hone your language and communication skills while also developing the critical cultural awareness necessary for success in our ever-expanding global community. Additionally, you’ll have the opportunity to venture outside the classroom through study abroad and internship opportunities that offer experiential learning and cultural immersion. Whichever career path you ultimately choose, our Modern Languages courses help you prepare for future success by fostering a deeper awareness and understanding of our interconnected world.

Faculty research

As dedicated teacher-scholars, faculty members of the Department of Modern Languages continuously incorporate our ongoing scholarly research into our teaching of modern languages and culture in the classroom. We welcome Bentley undergraduate students to do research with us! 

Faculty in our department are active in the following research areas:

Interdisciplinary Regional Studies

Translation Studies and Practice

Cinema Studies

Second Language (L2) Pedagogy and Theory


Language Placement exams

Students interested in studying French or Spanish should take an online placement exam to help determine where to begin their foreign language studies at Bentley. See exam guidelines.

Students will need to remember their scores on these placement exams and be prepared to give their score to their professor during the first week of class. In order for these exams to be accurate, students must complete the entire exam.


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Casablanca Capstone

For her Honors Program Capstone research, Hannah Rauch ’19 combined her Finance major and French minor, exploring the economic realities of women in French-speaking Northern Africa. Then, she presented her research at an international conference in Casablanca, Morocco.

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The Center for Languages and International Collaboration (CLIC)

The Center for Languages and International Collaboration (CLIC) seeks to enhance course curricula in Modern Languages and International Studies through the use of state-of-the-art technology. Faculty members in both disciplines work in concert with the center to integrate course content and technology using synchronous and asynchronous technology.

Live video and computer conferencing, a multimedia library of instructional materials for language and cultural learning, and access to international satellite broadcasting are some of the technical resources available at the center that make authentic exposure to language, countries and cultures possible. The CLIC staff, composed of undergraduate Bentley students who speak two or more languages, also work with their peers throughout the semester and in doing so, continue to build the global perspective within the Bentley community.

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Christian Rubio
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Morison Hall 285

Darlene Saunders
Senior Academic Coordinator
Morison Hall 109