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In the Philosophy Department, we read, think, and write about the big questions: What is the right thing to do? What exists? What can we know? The department offers a Philosophy major and minor , and hosts the Liberal Studies major concentration in Ethics & Social Responsibility. All of these degrees can be combined with the study of business at Bentley.


News and Events

New Philosophy 101 Film Series

The Philosophy Dept. has inaugurated a film series to complement our Philosophy 101 course. The films cover a range of philosophical themes such as consciousness, social justice and business ethics.

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Teaching and Research Highlights

Payson publishes on the Responsibility to Organize

Jessie Payson publishes a paper entitled, ‘A Third Aspect of Responsibility for Justice: The Responsibility to Organize’, forthcoming in the International Journal of Applied Philosophy

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Seemann publishes on Joint Reminiscining

Axel Seemann publishes a paper entitled, ‘Reminiscing Together: Joint Experiences, Epistemic Groups, and Sense of Self’, forthcoming in Synthese

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