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Global Studies

In an increasingly complex and interconnected global society, leaders need to think outside the box — and beyond borders. In Global Studies courses and degree programs, you’ll develop multidisciplinary perspectives on the social, political, geographic and cultural factors shaping our world. You’ll explore how similarities and differences across countries shape international relations, public policy, global health, human rights and other issues that transcend geographical boundaries. You’ll graduate with a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the global community, and the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with business leaders around the world.

DeLeo assesses COVID-19 risk mitigation behaviors

Associate Professor Rob A. DeLeo and his colleagues in the Risk & Social Policy Working Group received two National Science Foundation grants to support their analysis of individual risk perceptions and behaviors during the COVID-19 pandemics, including the determinants of vaccine uptake. The team has already published several studies in leading academic journals, including Natural Hazards Review, Review of Policy Research, Publius, and the International Review of Public Policy.

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Osorio breaks down voting trends

Assistant Professor Maricruz Ariana Osorio, with her co-author Dr. Melissa Michelson, analyze why young voters are coming out in droves for recent elections. In a Monkey Cage blog post for the Washington Post, they explain why voter turnout has increased with significant jumps in the college demographic. 


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Deichmann shares European culture with Bentley students

For the past two decades, Professor Joel Deichmann has introduced students to the physical, cultural, economic and political landscapes of Central and Eastern Europe through May Intensive travel programs sponsored by the Cronin Office of International Education. Offered annually, the course delivers academic credit — and an invaluable global perspective. This spring, Deichmann guides students through Poland and Germany.

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