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Global Studies

In an increasingly complex and interconnected global society, leaders need to think outside the box — and beyond borders. In Global Studies courses and degree programs, you’ll develop multidisciplinary perspectives on the social, political, geographic and cultural factors shaping our world. You’ll explore how similarities and differences across countries shape international relations, public policy, global health, human rights and other issues that transcend geographical boundaries. You’ll graduate with a comprehensive and nuanced understanding of the global community, and the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with business leaders around the world.

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Student Opportunities and Alumni News

The Global Studies Department recommends that all majors and interested minors complete at least one internship. Students are encouraged to begin thinking about internships during their sophomore year, but most internships take place during junior or senior years. The department’s Internship Coordinator is Professor Joel Deichmann, MOR 208. He will be happy to meet with you early in your academic career to discuss the process of securing an internship, as well providing you with some internship possibilities to pursue.


Global Studies Department
Front desk (for general information and inquiries)

Bonnie Field
Department Chair 
Morison 204

Doreen Mirley
Academic Coordinator
Morison 200