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PhD Programs

PhD Research

At Bentley University, you’ll join a purpose-driven research community that examines the modern business world through its relationship with the arts and sciences.

Bentley faculty produce research that is relevant, rigorous, diverse and, because of the integrative nature of our academic community, often transdisciplinary in nature. These characteristics are evident within each of the university’s 17 academic departments, and exemplified by the researchers and research topics that each department has elected to highlight. It is common for PhD students to co-author papers with the members of their respective committees and this collaboration enhances the richness of departmental scholarship.

Research and Labs

Bentley offers many multidisciplinary research centers, institutes, and labs where students can explore topics from ethics to science, doctoral students also participate in Bentley's annual research symposium and research showcase.

Research and Labs

World-class Faculty Research


Advancing knowledge across industries