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Bentley User Experience Center

Deliver an exceptional user experience with our top tier UX consulting and training.

Who We Are

As a global user experience consulting group established in 1999, the UXC team has spent more than twenty years providing hundreds of clients around the world with the UX research, design, and strategy services they need to rise to the top in an increasingly experience-driven environment.

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Drinkworks brand drink maker machine.
I am pleased to speak to the excellence of the UXC staff expertise and lab capabilities; they are exemplary. Since the start of Drinkworks, the Bentley UXC staff applied expertise and creativity in study designs to address research questions using low-fidelity prototypes to test and yield solutions, often in iterative cycles. Every test yields quality, actionable data that our engineers and scientists apply to successfully optimize the system.
Laurie Lucchina
Director, Sensory & User Design, Drinkworks

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