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The UXC provides world-class UX services to clients around the world, including user research, product evaluation, and design/innovation.


User Research

User research aims to understand user requirements, motivations, barriers to use, pain points, and the context of use. User research produces critical insights into customer behaviors and attitudes that drive actionable product design and strategy.

Field Research                        Diary Studies 

In-Depth Interviews                 Surveys   

Focus Group                           Personas 

Journey Maps                         Baseline Usability Testing 

Product Evaluation

Product evaluation is focused on a comprehensive review of any product (digital or non-digital) including the usability, usefulness, emotional engagement, and accessibility. Our product evaluation services provide deep insights into the pain points, wins, and specific, actionable design recommendations to improve the user experience.

Usability Testing                    Eye Tracking and Biometrics 

Expert Review                      Competitive UX Benchmarking

Accessibility                          Card Sorting / Tree Testing 

Clients in an observation room observing a usability testing session.
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Design and Innovation

The UXC leverages user research and product evaluation to design a world-class user experience.  The UXC staff is experienced in all facets of the design process, including creating wireframes and interactive prototypes, design thinking, and service design. The UXC also helps clients define their UX strategy for long-term success.

Wireframes / Interactive Prototypes           Service Design / Blueprints 

Design Thinking / Ideation                          UX Strategy Roadmaps 

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