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Personas are fictional, but highly realistic representations of different types of users. Personas are an integral part of the design process, helping product teams focus on designing a great experience for specific types of users, rather than a broader, less defined audience.


When to Use 

Personas are a critical element at the start of any design work, and often credited as the key element in designing a great user experience. Personas allow the entire product team to share a clear vision of their target user(s).  Personas let the product team focus on the needs and desires of a target customer group or prospect type. Personas are commonly used throughout the design process, and revised over time as the market and product evolve.

Personas at the UXC

The UXC creates personas using both quantitative and qualitative research methods. By incorporating client metrics, field research or survey data, and statistical analysis, we are able to develop personas that are both highly detailed, but also validated with a large customer or user base. The UXC also works closely with clients to disseminate personas that will have a maximum impact across the organization.


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