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Thought Leadership

The UXC are thought leaders in the areas of usability, user research, user-centered design, and UX strategy. Below are papers, presentations and interviews from the past few years that feature the UXC.














The UXC is at the forefront of User Experience, and our senior staff deliver new insights and ideas to the UX community.


Measuring the User Experience: Collecting, Analyzing, and Presenting Usability Metrics by Tom Tullis and Bill Albert 

Effectively measuring the usability and user experience of any product requires choosing the right metric, applying it, and using the information it reveals. This completely new and updated edition of Measuring the User Experience provides a single source of practical information to enable user experience professionals and product developers to do just that. Authors Tullis and Albert organize dozens of metrics into five categories: performance, issues-based, self-reported, derived, and behavioral/physiological. You’ll explore each metric and learn the best methods for collecting, analyzing, and presenting the data. 




Beyond the Usability Lab: Conducting Large-Scale Online User Experience Studies by Bill Albert, Tom Tullis and Donna Tedesco

In addition to user experience research in controlled labs with small groups, companies are looking to test large sample sizes to be able to compare and contrast data according to specific user populations. But few usability professionals have experience in setting up these studies, analyzing the data, and presenting it in effective ways.  Online usability testing offers the solution by gathering feedback simultaneously from 1,000s of users. Beyond the Usability Lab offers tried and tested methods for conducting online usability studies. It gives practitioners the guidance they need to collect a wealth of data through cost-effective, efficient, and reliable practices. 



Successful User Experience: Strategies and Roadmaps by Elizabeth Rosenzweig

Leveraging material honed in user experience courses and over 25 years in the field, Elizabeth Rosenzweig provides you with a hands-on guide for pulling all of the User Experience (UX) pieces together to create a strategy that includes tactics, tools, and methodologies. This book takes UX acceptance as a point of departure, and builds on it with actionable steps and case studies to develop a complete strategy, from the big picture of product design, development and commercialization, to how UX can help create stronger products.