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How to Convert Blindspots into UX Gold
Article published on UX Planet by Heather Wright Karlson - February 2019 

On the Go: UX for Mobile Devices 
Elizabeth Rosenzweig at HCI International 2019

Qual vs. Quant: The Ultimate Smackdown
Elizabeth Rosenzweig at UXPA Boston - May 2018

Introducing a New UX Maturity Metric: Team Engagement Score (TES) During Usability Testing
Bill Albert at UXPA International, Toronto, Canada - June 2017

Measuring Emotional UX Engagement
Bill Albert at UX Hong Kong - February 2017

Moving your UX Career to the Next Level
Bill Albert at UX Hong Kong - February 2017

Experimenting with New Research Techniques
Heather Wright Karlson with Melanie St. James and Erin Freeburger, Boston UXPA - May 2017

Solving Big Problems: UX of Medicare
Elizabeth Rosenzweig, New York City UXPA - April 2017

Solving Big Problems: The UX of Voting
Elizabeth Rosenzweig at New Hampshire UXPA - March 2017

Wireframes for Design and Testing
Elizabeth Rosenzweig to the Business Forms Management Association, May 2016

You Can't Buy It If You Can't Find it
Bill Albert at the Conversion Conference, Las Vegas - May 2016

Insights and Implications for the Digital Retirement Experience
Peter McNally, Retirement Industry Conference, Boston - May 2016

How well can navigation research with different design artifacts predict final site performance?
David Juhlin at the IA Summit, Atlanta - May 2016

The Future of UX: Is Technology Leaving Us Behind? 
Panel hosted by the UXC in collaboration with UX Magazine, Waltham - June 2016

How Sure Are We? The Predictive Power of Early UX Evaluation Methods on Live Site Performance
Presented by Bill Albert at World IA Day in Boston - February 2016

Successful User Experience: Strategy and Roadmaps
Elizabeth Rosenzweig at the International Plain Language Conference, Dublin, Ireland - September 2015

Successful User Experience: Strategies and Roadmaps
Elizabeth Rosenzweig at Alpha DevCon, Burlington, MA, - September 2015

How Well Does Early User Research Predict Final Site Performance?
David Juhlin at the Boston UXPA Monthly Meeting, Bentley University - July 2015

Beyond the Lab: Gathering Holistic, Qualitative User Experience Data
Article published in UX Matters authored by Heather Wright Karlson - September 2016

Is Closed Card Sorting an Outdated Technique for IA?
Authored by David Juhlin, published in the Optimal Workshop Blog - March 2016

Your Employees' User Experience Should be a Business Priority
Article authored by Elizabeth Rosenzweig, published in Strategy+Business Magazine - February 2016

The Attention Grabbing Salience of Viscerally Engaging Images
Authored by Bill Albert (with Marc Resnick and Yunzhi Huang) and published in the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Conference Proceedings, Washington, DC - September 2016

The Six Biggest Design Mistakes Brands are Making Today
Adobe Creative Cloud article quoting Bill Albert - March 2016

The Human Factor: Why Technology Should Adapt to People, and Not the Other Way Around
Article featuring the Bentley UXC, Metro, March 2016

30 Experts on What Makes an Exceptional UX Manager Blog quoted Heather Wright Karlson - January 2016

The Fox Guarding the Usability Lab
Bill Albert published this editorial in the Journal of Usability Studies - May 2015

Why Oracle had to Rethink UX for Cloud and Mobile
Forbes Magazine article quoting Bill Albert - August 2015

Role of Metrics in a UX Strategy
Presented by Bill Albert at ConveyUX - February 2014

The Impact of Advertising Location and User Task on the Emergence of Banner Blindness: An Eye Tracking Study
Marc Resnick and Bill Albert, International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction - January 2014

The Four Waves of User Centered Design in UX Magazine
Bill Gribbons, UX Magazine - January 2013

Web Design Challenge: An eCommerce Makeover
Peter McNally featured in eCommerce Bytes - May 2013

Experts Debate Whether to Embrace or Ignore Disruptive Technology
Bill Gribbons mentioned in the Boston Business Journal - March 2013

Emerging Technologies are Creating New Ethical Challenges for UX Designers
Bill Gribbons, GIGaom - March 2013

Top 10 Usability Challenges - And How to Solve Them
Bill Albert, Internet Retailers Web Design and Usability - February 2013

Usability Testing: Lessons Learned and Looking to the Future
Bill Albert at ErgoDesign 2015, Recife, Brazil - June 2015

Keys to a Successful UX Career
Bill Albert at UX India 2015, Bangalore, India - October 2015

Can't We All Just Get Along
Christopher Fry and Elizabeth Rosenzweig at South by Southwest Interactive Conference, Austin, TX - March 2014

Content is King…as Long as Your Visitors Find It
David Juhlin at Gilbane, Boston, MA - December 2014

A Comparison of the Performance of Webcam vs. Infrared Eye Tracking Technology
Liz Burton and Bill Albert at HFES, Chicago, IL - October 2014

Steptorials: Mixed-Initiative Learning of High-Functionality Applications, International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces
Henry Lieberman, Elizabeth Rosenzweig, and Christopher Fry in Haifa, Israel - February 2014

The UX of Voting
Elizabeth Rosenzweig at Big Design, Dallas, TX - September 2014

Expecting the Unexpected: Preparing for Successful User Research Sessions
Fiona Tranquada at UXPA Boston - May 2013

The Impact of Advertising Location and User Task on The Emergence of Banner Blindness: An Eye Tracking Study
Marc Resnick and Bill Albert at HFES - October 2013