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Expert Review

An expert review is a systematic evaluation of a product based on established UX best practices. An expert review does not involve actual users, but rather a small team of seasoned UX consultant's independent reviews of the user experience of a product based on the most common or critical use cases. The outcome of an expert review is a prioritized list of specific user experience issues, along with detailed design recommendations.

expert review

When to Use 

Expert reviews may be performed at any time during the design lifecycle. Expert reviews are particularly useful when there are significant time or budget constraints, and can typically be completed with a very quick turnaround. Expert reviews are also highly valuable when a client wants to identify the most significant UX issues before investing more resources in a specific design direction

Expert Reviews at the UXC 

The UXC staff has extensive experience in identifying UX issues across all platforms and industries. The UXC staff work in teams of two or three reviewers and independently evaluate the product, followed by incorporating all the data together to form a more comprehensive evaluation and detailed set of design recommendations.  

expert review

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