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Design Thinking / Ideation

Design Thinking is a collaborative creative process that helps our clients refine product strategy and define solutions for design problems. The process involves iterative stages of conceptualization and brainstorming, research, prototyping, and testing. Design thinking ultimately produces well-defined design recommendations, concept descriptions, user personas, and use cases. 


When to Use  

Design Thinking is a method to refine product strategy and define solutions for customer service and design problems. Use design thinking to tease out solutions to complex problems. When your company is faced with a complex problem, design thinking can be used to tease out impactful solutions on the product design or strategic level. The process allows you the creative space and procedural structure to define your business goals and hidden challenges, then iterate with your team to develop creative solutions. 

Design Thinking / Ideation at the UXC  

UXC consultants have worked with global companies to facilitate design thinking sessions tailored to each organizational level, from fundamental design approaches to executive strategy. Design thinking has helped organizations like yours to refine products, services, and processes, and ultimately improve the customer and user experience. 

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