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Diary Studies

Diary Studies are the best method to understand product usage over time. Diary studies utilize mobile apps that allow individuals to self-report their activities, thoughts, and insights over an extended amount of time, or during specific activities or situations. The data collected from a diary study allows the researcher to generate product design recommendations aimed at maximizing long-term value, user engagement, and retention.

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When to Use 

Diary studies are most valuable when conducted in the user research phase, prior to any design work. The insights collected from a diary study give the design team the necessary tools on how to move a new product idea forward that aims at improving the user experience and long-term engagement.

Diary Studies at the UXC 

The UXC uses a wide variety of tools to collect and manage diary data, which also allows our clients to observe participant feedback in real-time. The UXC partners with professional recruiters to identify and schedule the right mix of participants and ensure a high percentage of study completion. The UXC believes diary studies are an excellent driver in designing products and services that customers truly care about, and use over an extended period of time. 


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