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Baseline Usability Testing

Baseline usability testing provides a clear picture to the product team on what works, and what doesn’t work on the product before a redesign begins. Baseline usability testing utilizes established UX metrics for UX benchmarks and competitive analysis, as well as qualitative insights to identify the most significant usability pain points with the current (live) product. 


When to use

The best point to baseline usability test is prior to any design work. Baseline usability testing provides a clear roadmap on what aspects of the product need to be improved, and what areas should be incorporated into the new design. Baseline usability testing is to also used to establish a benchmark for a product or service that can be used to measure performance over time, as well as compared to competitors.

Baseline Usability Testing at the UXC

The UXC has extensive experience in both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of usability testing. The UXC often utilizes baseline usability testing as the launching pad to start a design engagement, as well as the basis for more systematic and long-term UX competitive benchmarking. The outcome of this work is often a detailed UX roadmap. 

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