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Focus Group

Focus groups generate a productive discussion from a small group of participants around topics such as barriers to adoption, brand perception, and new products or features. By gathering a small group of individuals, focus groups allow businesses to develop initial impressions of how a group of customers or prospects views an existing or proposed product or service.

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When to Use

Focus groups are most common early in the product design lifecycle. Focus groups are particularly helpful for collecting feedback on early design concepts prior to any significant design work. At the same time, focus groups help designers, developers, and product owners better understand significant barriers to product adoption and usage as well as prioritize ideas for new products or features.

Focus Groups at the UXC 

The UXC’s state-of-the-art facilities and experienced staff easily handle focus groups of various sizes and compositions, including focus groups with specialized audiences such as children and caregivers, and participants with disabilities. Clients also hire the UXC to conduct focus groups at rented facilities around the US and abroad.

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