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Experience Scorecard 

Bentley UXC created a scorecard taking into account four critical aspects of an experience: usability, emotional experience, design, and brand. This approach provides an opportunity to get a clearer picture of the overall experience. The experience score will be tailored to what matters most to each individual. The result is an experience scorecard that is both comprehensive and personalized, with data collected in a lean, budget-friendly way.


When to Use

The Experience Scorecard can be used to answer four important questions that many organizations struggle to have clarity on:

1) What is the overall experience like for our customers?

2) What matters most about the experience to our customers?

3) What aspects do we need to improve?

4) How do we compare to our competition?

Progress is tracked over time and compared to competitors. By diagnosing where customer pain points are, organizations can make decisions on where to allocate their design resources and spend more time on areas that are underperforming.

Experience Scorecard at the UXC

Through proprietary methodology, the UXC developed a personalized experience scorecard. The process involves surveying a large sample of your customers to get statistically valuable results that clients can put into action. The Experience Scorecard is a low-cost, time-efficient way to get the answers you need to improve your product. 

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Experience Scorecard Webinar

  • Learn the value of seeing the big picture through an overall experience scorecard
  • Learn about different ways to measure and visualize the overall experience with a digital product
  • Learn how leverage an experience scorecard within your organization to drive change

Download the webinar presentation here.

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