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Service Design / Blueprints

Service design is the process of creating a great end-to-end customer experience across all channels and platforms. A service design process is co-creative and iterative, resulting in artifacts such as service ecologies, journey maps, and service blueprints. For example, a service design blueprint is a critical artifact, as it visually maps the relationships between all components of a service. Those components may be employees, customers, processes, or physical or digital objects.

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When to Use  

Service design can help you qualitatively measure customers’ experiences throughout their engagement with your products or services. Whether you have a service you’d like to improve or an idea for a service to develop, service design can ensure that your organizational operations align with customer needs. 

Service Design / Blueprints at the UXC 

UXC consultants use a variety of research and design methods to help you augment your existing services or develop one from scratch. These exploratory methods may include stakeholder maps, service ecologies, field research, personas, or journey maps. Together, we can identify opportunities to improve customers’ experiences with your services and products. 


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