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In-Depth Interviews

In-depth interviews (IDI’s) provide our clients with answers to fundamental questions about how their customers and prospects use and perceive their products and services, as well as competitors. IDI’s are the best way to understand customer motivations, barriers, and unmet needs. Interviews may be based on a large or small sample size, and structured or open-ended, depending on the project goals.


When to Use

IDI’s are most effective when you need to establish a baseline understanding of your customers and prospects, prior to initiating any design. The insights gained from IDI’s will allow your designers,
product owners and developers to avoid costly mistakes by focusing on the most critical aspects of the user experience.

In-Depth Interviews at the UXC

The UXC has extensive experience with IDI’s, utilizing professional recruiters to find the right mix of study participants across the globe. We often use IDI’s to inform the creation of personas and user requirements. We also validate many of the insights acquired through IDI’s through large-scale surveys. 


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