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Journey Maps

Journey maps are a highly effective visualization depicting the end-to-end user journey through a service, including touchpoints, user actions, emotions, pain points, and opportunities for improvement/innovation.  Journey maps allow the product team to see how all of their channels work together from the customer perspective, and the best places to focus their attention to improve the customer experience.

journey maps

When to use 

Journey maps are an excellent activity when imitating a service design or customer experience engagement. A journey map is a perfect method when senior stakeholders need to identify specific points where the end-to-end customer experience falls short, and build a successful cross-channel customer experience strategy.  

Journey Maps at the UXC 

The UXC creates journey maps driven by both quantitative and qualitative methods such as personas, surveys, and field research. The UXC also uses journey maps as the launching point in a service design engagement, followed by service ecology maps and service blueprints.

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