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Competitive UX Benchmarking

Competitive UX benchmarking measures how a product performs against specific business and user goals and stacks up against the competition. Competitive UX benchmarking provides critical metrics to senior stakeholders about how well a product is performing against the competition, specific aspects of the product that should be prioritized for improvement, as well as missing features or functionality that are major drivers in satisfaction with the competition.


When to Use  

Competitive UX benchmarking is typically performed at periodical intervals, such as every quarter, twice a year, or once a year. Competitive UX benchmarking is particularly useful when a senior team needs to build a business case for various design initiatives or following the launch of a major redesign.

Competitive Benchmarking at the UXC  

The UXC has extensive experience in all facets of quantitative user research, and access to large panels of potential participants, ensuring reliable results and actionable findings. The UXC utilizes tools such as UserZoom, Qualtrics, and Optimal Workshop to collect large sample data in a timely fashion. The UXC also offers an objective, third-party perspective, when collecting and analyzing data, helping our clients truly compare their products against the competition, and continually validate user experience improvements over time.


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