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Wireframes / Interactive Prototypes 

Wireframes and interactive prototypes are a vital part of the design process. They provide ways to test and iterate designs with users prior to any development efforts. They allow for quick communication of navigation, task flows, and design for development teams. Wireframes and prototypes facilitate effective communication of navigation, tasks, and visual elements during the development and refinement of designs. 


When to Use  

Use wireframes and interactive prototypes when you are designing a new product or feature and need to expand your creative process or illustrate multiple design concepts. Visual representations are helpful when you need to document key workflows as part of a redesign effort, and especially when you want to test with end-users before investing development time.  

Wireframes / Interactive Prototypes at the UXC 

We employ a variety of prototyping tools, including Axure, Figma, and Balsamiq Mockups, and work with clients to conduct participatory design sessions that inform future iterations on a current design. We develop strategic partnerships with top design firms across the world to help them validate their design solutions. 


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