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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the UXC's operation during the COVID pandemic?

Bentley UXC has remained open during the pandemic and is working with clients. Most of our services are available remote, and we have conducted some projects in our labs under strict safety protocols. 


Who is the UXC?

The UXC is a global user experience consulting group based at Bentley University. Established in 1999, we have provided hundreds of clients around the world with user experience research, design, and strategy services.

Our unique position as consulting group within Bentley University allows us to provide clients with expertise and solutions that drive better business outcomes. We are a small team of UX experts who bring decades of working experience in the industry. Our affiliation with the master’s program in Human Factors in Information Design allows us to leverage graduate student talent to work under the direction of our small team of UX experts on client projects.

Meet the UXC Team.


Does the UXC consult with companies?

Yes! For the past 20 years, the UXC has worked with almost 250 companies from around the world, performing a wide range of UX research, design, and strategy services. We have worked in nearly every industry across a wide range of products and services. Even though we are part of a university, we are perfectly set up to work with companies in a consulting capacity.

See our full client list here.


How do I work with the UXC?

The UXC works similarly to most other agencies or consulting groups. We typically start with a conversation where we discuss your research questions, desired outcomes, and business goals. Next, we propose various options, including timing and price. Once we have settled on a UX approach that works for your team, we will prepare a formal proposal (SOW). Once the SOW is signed, we will staff the engagement and schedule a kickoff. Contact us to get the conversation started.


Does the UXC offer staff extension services?

The UXC routinely provides an extra set of hands for internal UX teams. This might be in the form of running usability tests, competitive benchmarks, ethnography/field research, and surveys. Having worked with hundreds of companies, we have learned how to seamlessly fit into your process and provide deliverables that are high quality and your stakeholders will appreciate. 

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What is the role of students?

For most client engagements, the students work in a supporting role. This might involve helping recruit participants, note taking, or data analysis. Most client engagements are led by one of our senior consultants and act as a main point of contact.

Meet our students.


Is the UXC more academic or corporate focused?

The UXC is entirely focused on delivering specific actionable insights for companies. While our research techniques are grounded in academics and best practices, all of our work is geared towards helping companies achieve their business goals through a better user experience.


What is a typical timeline for a UXC project?

Client engagements typically run from a few weeks to a couple of months. Occasionally, our research projects can be as short as a few days or as long as 6 months, depending on the scope. We operate in a very lean way, always trying to deliver great work in the shortest amount of time, always cognizant of aggressive corporate timelines. We are always willing to discuss various options to collapse timelines to meet your deadlines.


What are the UXC rates?

UXC rates are highly competitive relative to many other UX consultants or design agencies. We are happy to provide an approximate estimate based on an initial scope, and can easily offer various options to work within your budget. All rates are based on a “fix price” model.


Does the UXC work in other countries?

Yes, the UXC conducts user research in many countries outside the US. We regularly conduct user research remotely with participants in other countries, as well as conduct user research in a wide variety of countries. In addition, we work with trusted partners in countries such as the UK, Germany, Japan, China, India, and Hong Kong.


How does the vendor approval process work?

The UXC is an approved vendor with many companies. We have an internal process and support team, which allows us to quickly turnaround the necessary paperwork to become an approved vendor. 


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