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Be A Force for Analytics and Data Science

Center for Analytics and Data Science (CADS)

The Center for Analytics and Data Science (CADS) works to empower our community to apply scientific, mathematical, and statistical processes to explore complex systems and transform the data they generate into knowledge and insight that creates societal value and drives better decision-making.

CADS promotes multi-disciplinary and business collaboration to further our educational programs, research agendas, and applications with our partners and clients.  Through its activities, the CADS encourages a habit for lifelong learning and service that bolsters our innovation capabilities.

CADS Consulting

CADS Consulting at Bentley University provides commercial and non-profit organizations with data science and business analytics consulting services to address their business and research needs and drive improved organizational performance.  CADS Consulting is a unique resource that supplements the capabilities of external organizations while also generating a source of collaborative research for faculty and training for students.


Consulting Information

CADS Research

CADS Data Analytics Research Team (DART) is an interdisciplinary group of faculty and researchers dedicated to the exploration and analysis of data sets in an effort to create knowledge, draw insights, and solve problems. Our team draws upon a wide range of analytics and data science techniques and some of the areas we currently focus our energies on are:

  • Health Care Analytics
  • Global Studies
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Living Standards and Social Networks
Research Information

CADS Workshops

CADS Workshops are the hub for our community to exchange ideas, and demonstrate and apply scientific, mathematical, and statistical processes in the study of complex systems.  Through our programming we foster a lifelong desire for learning and keep our community at the cutting edge of the technologies and methods needed to succeed in the analytics and data science space.

Check out the Spring 2024 workshops schedule now!

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