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CADS Research

Data Analytics Research Team

The Data Analytics Research Team is an interdisciplinary group of faculty and researchers dedicated to the exploration and analysis of data sets in an effort to create knowledge and insights. A wide range of analytical and modeling techniques are used to investigate the data sets. To achieve its objectives, our team has focused its energies on projects in the following areas: living standards, marketing analytics, global studies, health care analytics and social networks.  

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The Analytics Without Borders Conference is an analytics annual conference we initiated with our partner Bryant University in 2016. This conference is a forum for all ways of analytics life to present and discuss analytics work, be it from corporate institutions, academia, government organizations etc. Currently, we organize this conference with our partners Bryant University, Tufts University (joined 2018), Nichols College (joined 2023) every spring and warmly welcome anyone who does anything with data to present their work.


Recent and Current Research Projects

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact us by email ( or co-leaders below

Mingfei Li, Professor, Mathematical Sciences
Joel Deichmann, Professor, Global Studies
Dominique Haughton, Professor, Mathematical Sciences