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Data Analytics

Data analytics is one of the fastest-growing fields today, and has been ranked the top job in America multiple times. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics projected a 33% growth in statistician and data scientist jobs by the year 2026. This degree will make sure you’re ready. In this degree program, you’ll study math, statistics and computing, and understand how each fact and figure affects business results. You’ll also use R, Python and SQL to apply big data concepts. Before you leave the program, you’ll have hands-on experience working with and evaluating data, and many times even a job. 

You will graduate with a broad knowledge of business by completing courses that are part of the Business Administration minor. You will also have the option of complementing this major with a Business Administration major, or any other approved Bentley major, by using some of your free electives to take additional courses.

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Mathematical Modeling with VBA in Excel (MA 315)

While Microsoft Excel is not an ideal analytics tool, it is ubiquitous in business contexts, making it often the best platform to share work with colleagues and clients. This course covers ways to create and automate various analytical techniques in the programming language VBA (Visual BASIC for Applications) that is built into Microsoft Exce\, using it for mathematical modeling, automating analyses, and creating user interfaces inside of Excel for sharing an automated analysis tool with a nontechnical user.

How one Bentley student swam with the Sharks

Corey Werner ’17 earned an internship on the Business Development team at Shark Group, a brand management and consulting services organization, where he got to work with Daymond John, star of ABC’s “Shark Tank.” See how he landed this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and how it helped show him how a career in marketing was what he wanted.

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Data Analytics major prepares you for jobs in high demand

Bentley’s Data Analytics major builds a well-rounded skill set that balances traditional business courses in accounting, economics, finance, management and marketing with specialized data science curriculum. With this degree, you’ll get the technical skills, business acumen and strong communication skills needed to start a career in data and analytics.

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eric kerstens, data analytics student
My Data Analytics major blends the rigor of mathematics and statistical theory, the problem-solving skills required for data engineering tasks, and the communication skills needed to convey findings. This diverse skill set gives me a step up after graduation.
Eric Kerstens

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STEM-designated major

Bentley's Data Analytics degree program is a STEM-designated major. STEM majors are in high demand across many industries. In addition to a positive career outlook, international students may receive up to three years of Optional Practical Training (OPT) to intern or work in the U.S. after completing the degree.

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