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Center for Women and Business

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The Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business

Advancing Intersectional Gender Equity

Our Mission

The Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business (CWB) advances intersectional gender equity from the classroom to the boardroom. We center the voices of leaders from historically excluded communities to empower women and gender-diverse leaders through innovative research and professional development opportunities

Corporate Programs for Inclusive Organizations and Employees

We design and deliver innovative, transformative programs, training, and tools to help organizations create inclusive cultures. Our interactive, customized programs, and curated research inform and empower people and organizations to make meaningful, positive change in their organizations. Our work is informed by our decade of experience with hundreds of organizations, our industry research, and Bentley’s academic and business expertise.

Programs for Students

The CWB offers programs that promote intersectional gender equity on Bentley’s campus. We collaborate with various departments within the Bentley community to deliver campus-wide workshops supporting our mission to advance intersectional gender equity from the classroom to the boardroom.

The CWB is now conducting class visits. Reach out to learn more!

CWB News and Updates

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Women's Rights are Human Rights?

The Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business (CWB) invites you to the Women's Rights Are Human Rights panel as part of Bentley University's 2023 Women's History Month celebration. This panel features members of our esteemed faculty and will explore the interconnectedness of the global women's rights movement.

Join us for a meaningful and timely exploration of how structural inequities in one place create a ripple effect across the country and the world.  Rollback of fundamental human rights, such as freedom from violence and all forms of discrimination, when seen as isolated incidents, appear insignificant or minuscule. However, when placed in a global context, it highlights a global human rights crisis for women and girls, trans and nonbinary people. This in-depth discussion will examine why basic human rights (such as education, work, and equal wages) continue to elude women and will engage participants in honest and brave discussions about how we can be better allies and true champions of intersectional gender equity. 

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What is the Gender & Racial Wage Gap?

The CWB & the Boston Women’s Workforce Council will provide an in-depth and interactive look at Greater Boston's Wage Gap Measurement findings. This session will give attendees the opportunity to ask questions from experts, build understanding, and reflect on the implications of the data. This is also an opportunity to learn more about the CWB’s role in mitigating the pay gap through intersectional leadership development.

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Diversity and Inclusion Insights and Interventions

Diversity and Inclusion News

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Support CWB Student Programs

Our approach is sophisticated, but our resources are limited. Each year, the CWB spearheads programs and learning opportunities — like the Women’s Leadership Program, Student Fellowships and the Men of Alliance student group — that benefit hundreds of students. We need your support to maintain and grow key opportunities that prepare our students to succeed. 

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