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Center for Women and Business

Center for Women and Business Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassador Program

The CWB Ambassador program is an internship program for Bentley graduate and undergraduate students. The goal of this internship is to expose students to the CWB's different lines of business and enable them to be well rounded leaders on campus. Ambassadors reinforce the CWB’s mission and goals throughout campus and support our internal and external initiatives and programs. Projects and responsibilities span from all lines of business including marketing, corporate relations, student events, research and social media. Throughout the semester, Ambassadors work on various projects, receive training and mentorship, and attend events on campus on behalf of the CWB. Additionally, they are responsible for working on a capstone project throughout the semester demonstrating what they have learned while interning at our Center which they present to their colleagues and staff at the end of the year.

Meet the Ambassadors

Suha standing in front of apple blossoms in a blue and white floral blouse and black cardigan

Suha Syed

Pronouns: She/Her

Expected Graduation: May 2024

Major: Masters in Business Administration

Minor/LSM: Concentration in Leadership

Campus Involvement: South Asian Student Association, Delta Sigma Pi

Sarah wearing a black blazer and cream shirt smiling at the camera.

Sarah Gioiosa

Pronouns: She/Her

Expected Graduation: May 2024

Major: Global Management

Minor/LSM: Psychology and Marketing

Campus Involvement: Women's Leadership Program, Study Abroad Peer Advisor

Sid wearing a black blazer and pink and white pinstripe shirt smiling at the camera.

Sid Goel

Pronouns: He/Him

Expected Graduation: May 2024

Major: Data Analytics

Minor/LSM: Minor in Business Studies and LSM in Global Perspectives

Campus Involvement: Delta Sigma Pi, Habitat for Humanity, Model UN, South Asian Student Association, Honors Program, Orientation Team

Lauren wearing a black short sleeved blouse smiling at the camera

Lauren Manning

Pronouns: She/Her

Expected Graduation: May 2024

Major: Management

Minor/LSM: Computer Information Systems and Finance

Campus Involvement: Women’s Leadership Program, Academic Peer Tutor, Kappa Delta Sorority

Lenora Headshot

Lenora Stephenson

Pronouns: She/Her

Expected Graduation: May 2027

Major: Business Management

Minor/LSM: Sociology with a concentration in Human Resources

Campus Involvement: Coming Full Circle, Caribbean Ancestry Student Association, Service Learning, Black United Body

Christina wearing a black shawl with gray zigzags and smiling at the camera

Christina Medor

Pronouns: She/Her

Expected Graduation: May 2025

Major: Information Design and Corporation Communication

Minor/LSM: Finance and Marketing

Campus Involvement: Africana Student Association, Caribbean Ancestry Student Association, Multicultural Center MOSAIC ambassador

Kary wearing a dark gray blazer and white blouse smiling at the camera

"Kary" Karina Liz De Jesús Rivera

Pronouns:  She/Her

Expected Graduation: May 2025

Major: Marketing

Minor/LSM:  Information Design and Corporate Communications

Campus Involvement:  Public Relations for La Cultura Latina, Mentor for Peer2Peer

Yasmin in a black blazer and white top smiling at the camera

Yasmin Zuibi

Pronouns: She/Her

Expected Graduation: May 2025

Major: Global Management

Minor/LSM: LSM in Health & Industry

Campus Involvement: Resident Assistant, Women’s Leadership Program, Delta Sigma Pi, International Student Association, Project CI, Coming Full Circle, Students Advocating for Gender Equality, Young Arab Leader

Renee wearing a white sweater smiling at the camera.

Renée Chelsea Asafo-Adjei

Pronouns: She/Her

Expected Graduation: May 2026

Major: Marketing and Information Design and Corporate Communication

Campus Involvement: Black United Body Marketing Chair, Pepeta Dance Group Captain

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Related Ambassador Work

Listed below are links to different pieces of work that the Center of Women and Business Ambassadors have done in and out of the Bentley community that relate to our mission of DEI&J.

Being Latina at a Predominantly White Institution by Nicole Espinal

In this article by ambassador Nicole Espinal, she discusses finding herself within being a Latina, within different social groups on campus, and in the predominantly white Bentley culture at large.  She talks about what makes her stronger and more self assured as a first generation student and even though she is set apart, she sets the bar high.  Read the article here.

Dresses to Dreams Initiative with Volunteer Nicole Espinal

The Dresses to Dreams program in which Nicole volunteers for, helps many low-income high school women from around the Greater Boston Area.  To learn how Dresses to Dreams got its start and how Bentley has become a big support for this program, read the article written by Kristen Walsh here.