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Center for Women and Business

Faculty Research

The Center for Women and Business is proud to showcase faculty research that offers an intersectional perspective spanning diverse academic disciplines. We are proud to collaborate with Bentley's esteemed faculty members whose research is rooted at the intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion, aligning with our commitment to advance intersectional gender equity from the classroom to the boardroom.

According to Bentley Faculty Research Newsletter

The Center for Women and Business is thrilled to introduce the second edition of According to Bentley, a publication that focuses on faculty research at the crossroads of diversity, equity, inclusion, and intersectionality.  In this edition, we feature four faculty voices with expertise in designing and implementing strategies for effective leadership of diverse communities.

Each edition will highlight the pioneering work of our faculty members, contributing to the advancement of knowledge. We invite you to join us on a journey through the inspiring world of research that broadens horizons and enriches our academic community.

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Meet Our Faculty

Interested in sharing your research? Please contact Laura Jackson Young!

Research Areas Related to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

One of the more valuable attributes of scholarly research is its capacity to have a practical impact outside of academia. These initiatives are not just research for the sake of research. Instead, there is the potential to enact meaningful change in society. The Bentley faculty is comprised of prominent scholars conducting influential research in the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion. It is this type of work that we recognize here to amplify the voices of the Bentley community.
Laura Jackson Young
CWB Faculty Research Director and Associate Professor, Economics