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Center for Women and Business

Bentley Students on campus

Student Engagement

Promoting intersectional gender equity on Bentley’s campus

The Gloria Cordes Larson Center for Women and Business offers programs and advises student organizations in an effort to promote intersectional gender equity on Bentley’s campus. During our programs, students of all genders, graduate and undergraduate, engage with these topics in a safe and brave environment and learn strategies that transform their knowledge and beliefs into actionable allyship on campus and beyond. The CWB also collaborates with various departments within the Bentley community to deliver campus-wide workshops supporting our mission to advance intersectional gender equity from the classroom to the boardroom.

Signature Offerings

Rainbow Scholars Program

In partnership with the Gender and Sexuality Student Programs office, the CWB has launched the Rainbow Scholars Program. This year-long leadership program provides LGBTQ+ (and allied) undergraduate students with the opportunity to grow in both their personal and professional development through learning, engagement, and networking opportunities. Students will develop skills of leadership, advocacy, and identity awareness. The program for this academic year has closed. If you are interested in applying for this program next fall, please complete our form.  

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Classroom Visits

The CWB conducts classroom visits to engage in lively discussion with students on topics related to organizational development, intersectional gender equity, diversity, inclusion, and corporate social justice. Using our industry expertise, CWB staff members seek to deepen the learning experience of Bentley students by sharing data that conveys the business imperative for DEIJ initiatives in the workplace and how progress at the individual and organizational level can move the needle forward.

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Student Organization Advising

The CWB advises undergraduate and graduate student groups and organizations in an effort to promote intersectional gender equity on Bentley’s campus. We work with students to develop customized best practices for implementing sustainable, long-term DEIJ changes within their organizations.

To sign up for this service, please contact Dominique Wilburn.

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Women's Leadership Program

A four-year co-curricular program that empowers young women with the essential skills, real-world experiences, and confidence needed to advance into leadership roles. Participants gain an understanding of the value and impact of gender equity, enhance key communications competencies, and become aware of their unique strengths as authentic leaders and team players — essentials that build confidence and prepare women to reach higher.

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Discussing Gender Inclusion

FDS Shared Experience - Discuss Gender Inclusion in the Workplace

In today's dynamic job landscape, the struggle for organizations to attract, retain, and fairly reward diverse gender talent continues. However, today's students are shaking things up, demanding more than just gender diversity but a deliberate shift towards gender inclusion. At Bentley University, we believe businesses can be a force for intersectional gender equity—but it takes a village to achieve this aim. Watch our enlightening discussion with Bentley faculty and staff leaders as we aim to unravel the pressing issue of gender inclusion in the workplace.

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Student Ambassadors

CWB Student Ambassadors

The CWB Ambassador program is an internship program for Bentley graduate and undergraduate students. The goal of this internship is to expose students to the CWB's different lines of business and enable them to be well rounded leaders on campus. Ambassadors reinforce the CWB’s mission and goals throughout campus and support our internal and external initiatives and programs. Projects and responsibilities span from all lines of business including marketing, corporate relations, student events, research and social media. Throughout the semester, Ambassadors work on various projects, receive training and mentorship, and attend events on campus on behalf of the CWB. Additionally, they are responsible for working on a capstone project throughout the semester demonstrating what they have learned while interning at our Center which they present to their colleagues and staff at the end of the year.

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Committed to Inclusive Excellence

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion is responsible for fostering an inclusive community by leveraging interactions between offices, educating the entire community and working to increase the diversity at all levels of the University through university-wide, diversity-related programs and initiatives.

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Gender and Sexuality Student Programs

Gender and Sexuality Student Programs Office (GSSP) provides a welcoming and supportive environment for all students to engage with topics of gender and sexuality. We offer educational programs, dialogues, and campus-wide workshops to create a more inclusive, informed, and compassionate community. We welcome all members of campus and strive to develop inclusive student leaders who celebrate gender, sexuality, and their intersection with other dimensions of identity.

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