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Center for Women and Business

2023 Gearing Up Workshop Information

Mateo Cruz
Five Interpersonal Leadership Skills that AI Can’t Replace (Yet) & Building for Allyship Beyond the Binary with Dr. Mateo Cruz

Five Interpersonal Leadership Skills that AI Can’t Replace (Yet):
In an era of much handwringing about Artificially intelligent (AI) technologies, now is the time to identify and improve the interpersonal skills that distinguish us from the bots. In this 90-minute experiential workshop, management professor and DEI expert, Dr. Mateo Cruz, will discuss five core interpersonal skills inclusive leaders possess. Participants will have the opportunity to practice each skill and apply them to real challenges they face at work. 

Building for Allyship Beyond the Binary:
Our transgender and nonbinary colleagues are facing the worst year yet for anti-trans legislation as 400+ bills advance through state legislatures seeking to limit basic human rights and the right to bodily autonomy. These attacks are rooted in misogyny where those who challenge the so-called “gender binary” are deemed a threat. As such, intersectional solidarity among women must include trans allyship. In this workshop, we will discuss the current state of trans rights and how you can work in solidarity with trans and nonbinary people in your organizations and communities to advance intersectional inclusion.  

Dominique Wilburn and Nathalie Gauthier
The Best Steps to Embrace Change: Strategies for Managing Transitions with Nathalie Gauthier and Dominique Wilburn

We live in a world where change is the only constant. Instead of viewing these instances with trepidation, join us to explore ways to lean in and learn from these transformations and rise to your destiny. In this lively workshop, learn the key steps necessary to navigate the highs and lows of your professional and personal transitions. Led by Nathalie Gauthier (State Street) and Dominique Wilburn (Center for Women and Business), this session will teach you how to leverage your most vulnerable moments to embrace change and chart a new path forward as a more authentic you.    


Eva Haddad
Growth Zone: The Three Invisible Forces with Dr. Eva Haddad

What happens when somebody disagrees with you? The ability to harness the power of cognitive diversity depends on the capability of measuring and optimizing the underlying values and drivers of individuals and the environment around them. 

In our Growth Zone Session, you will be introduced to the 3 invisible forces: cognitive diversity, psychological safety and motivational drive. We will explore what each concept stands for and how they are keys to promote successful communication, effective teams and diversity-led leaders. 

Growth Zone™ is the most complete and up to date, ICF accredited approach. Driven by data, rooted in science, proven by results and designed for current challenges. The ICF accredited, multi award-winning ICQ Global solutions have already benefited Fortune 500 companies, European Parliament, government agencies, universities and several global organizations through a network of over 200 licensed partners in 45 countries. 

Abby Wen Wu
Building Body Intelligence for Resiliency Workshop with Abby Wen Wu

Your body is the comprehensive brain. Movement is our first language and the body is a storage of our subconscious. Come learn the language of your body through movement and sensing to build resiliency and navigate decision-making.

Jahangir Sultan and Laura Young
Stock Trading Simulation with Jahangir Sultan and Laura Young

Experience the thrill of winning and the agony of losing in a simulated environment.  The session starts with a short overview of the capital markets using the Bloomberg Terminal.  We will address questions such as how do investors value stocks?  What are the different metrics that are readily available to screen stocks?  What is the current outlook on the market?   

The session's next part introduces seminar participants to the exotic world of trading and risk management.  We will cover mainly the equity market, concentrating on how stock prices evolve in response to public and private information in a fast-moving market.  You will be trading four stocks.  You will have $1m and some stocks as endowment.  Each period is 2 years, compressed into 300 seconds.  During this period, important information is released 5-15 seconds in advance.  Read the news (FAST) and decide if it is good or bad news for the stocks you have in the portfolio.  Trade according to your belief.  Survival of the fittest!!