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Center for Women and Business

Gearing Up Workshop Information

*Note:  This is not the finalized version. More information to come out soon.

Lisa Sun
Finding your Superpower
Lisa Sun
Keynote Speaker

As Lisa Sun explains, we can’t be completely confident until we fully understand what makes us uniquely strong—our “superpower.” But how do we discover it?  In this interactive workshop, Sun explores different confidence personalities and how they connect to our superpowers. Packed with real takeaways for personal and professional advancement, this workshop will have attendees figure out their own confidence language and the superpowers they naturally channel, realize how their confidence language has been helping (and hurting) them, and how to ultimately use it to work through challenging situations and make positive situations even better. 

Kiana Pierre-Louis
Mastering Negotiations for C-Suite Influence
Kiana Pierre-Louis

“Mastering Negotiations for C-Suite Influence” is a robust workshop designed to empower people with the skills and strategies needed to excel in negotiations. Participants will learn negotiation techniques, including how to leverage power dynamics, build rapport, and achieve win-win outcomes. Through interactive exercises and real-world case studies, attendees will enhance their ability to influence key decisions and drive organizational success at the highest levels.  

Wiley Davi
Leading with Uncommon Sense: Using Self-Reflection to Achieve Greater Professional and Personal Development
Wiley Davi

Oftentimes, as leaders, we rely on our common-sense thinking, drawing from our instincts from past experiences, to solve dilemmas in the workplace. This session will outline the elements of leading with uncommon sense: an approach that helps us avoid the traps that snag our thinking when we rely on our gut. The three-step approach integrates research from fields such as neuroscience, behavioral economics, mindfulness, and cognitive psychology, to offer individuals a way to further themselves professionally and increase organizational effectiveness. 

Jahangir Sultan and Laura Young
Stock Trading Simulation
Dr. Jahangir Sultan
Dr. Laura Young

Experience the thrill of winning and the agony of losing in a simulated environment.  The session starts with a short overview of the capital markets using the Bloomberg Terminal.  We will address questions such as how do investors value stocks?  What are the different metrics that are readily available to screen stocks?  What is the current outlook on the market?   

The session's next part introduces seminar participants to the exotic world of trading and risk management.  We will cover mainly the equity market, concentrating on how stock prices evolve in response to public and private information in a fast-moving market.  You will be trading four stocks.  You will have $1m and some stocks as endowment.  Each period is 2 years, compressed into 300 seconds.  During this period, important information is released 5-15 seconds in advance.  Read the news (FAST) and decide if it is good or bad news for the stocks you have in the portfolio.  Trade according to your belief.  Survival of the fittest!