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Economics encompasses far more than supply and demand. At Bentley, you’ll gain an in-depth understanding of currency systems, monetary theory and consumer behavior. You’ll learn how markets function at both micro (individual) and macro (national or global) levels, and explore mathematical models and statistical techniques you’ll use to interpret economic data, issues and trends. You’ll graduate with broad-based knowledge and strong analytical skills you can employ in a variety of careers in business, government, education, international organizations and non-profit institutions.

Economics Elective Booklet

Bringing Wall Street to Bentley

Associate professors Laura Young and Sacha Gelfer co-lead Bentley’s Wall Street 101 program on macroeconomics and financial markets. The program teaches high school students about the relationship between the U.S. economy and global financial markets, and how financial markets respond to current events about inflation, interest rates, economic data, and monetary and fiscal policy decisions. Laura and Sacha lead the students through trading simulations, portfolio-building competitions, role-playing as policymakers and macroeconomic debates.

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New research asks: Are people really altruistic?

In a paper published in the Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, professor Jeff Livingston (above, left) and Bentley alumnus Rustam Rasulmukhamedov ’20 (right) take a closer look at “dictator games,” in which a solo player shares money with an anonymous partner. After learning that players cease funding when given the option to take money away from the partner, Rustam wondered what would happen if the partner was a charity instead of an individual. Together, Jeff and Rustam found that people give just as much to charities when the take option is added, showing that people are altruistic when supporting causes they believe in.

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Building connections to Boston’s leading health system

This spring, assistant professor Benjamin Chartock taught a “Microeconomics of Health Care” course for students enrolled in the Bentley-Beth Israel Lahey Health executive MBA program. The classroom synergies between Ben’s extensive training in the economics of health care and the students’ knowledge of the health care industry are already paying dividends. Ben will be collaborating with leading clinicians at the Smith Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to use cutting edge econometric methods to gain insight into important health care-related questions.

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Fed Challenge

The College Fed Challenge is an annual monetary policy competition sponsored by the Federal Reserve. Five of the twelve Federal Reserve districts participate in the currently virtual competition. Schools in the other seven districts are combined into an at-large district. Teams of students make a 15 minute presentation that covers the state of the economy and financial markets and then provide recommendations about various dimensions of monetary policy, including the federal funds rate, the Fed’s balance sheet, and communications. After the presentation, teams answer questions from a panel of judges. Learn More


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