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Quantitative Economics

This major focuses on the systematic study of mathematical and statistical analysis of economic phenomena and problems. You’ll take two semesters of calculus and nine other courses that cover topics in economic statistics, optimization theory, cost/benefit analysis, price theory, economic modeling, economic forecasting and evaluation, and econometrics.

It’s the perfect major for students pursuing highly analytical career fields, as well as anyone interested in going on to graduate school in economics or related fields. This major has been assigned a major code that corresponds with the Department of Education and Department of Homeland Security’s STEM designation list, so it may also be of particular interest to international students interested in applying to USCIS for an extended Optional Practical Training (OPT) period.


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Office hours with Professor Dhaval Dave

To Dhaval Dave, economics is both a science and an art, a set of tools as well as a lens through which to view the world and its problems — as well as potential solutions. We sat down with Professor Dave to get his thoughts on the state of economics today, and how Bentley is teaching it to the next generation.

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In the Land of Fire and Ice

Economics student Hayden Yakola has always been interested in practical ways sustainability can affect a country’s economy. So when he got the opportunity to take an intensive two-week course in Iceland looking at that country’s geological sources of renewable energy, he jumped at the chance

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Game Theory in Economics (EC 379)

Game theory is a set of tools designed to study multiple strategic agents in many different environments. This course introduces students to the basic game theory concepts and applies these tools to more fully understand economic interactions. Students explore game theoretic topics such as pure- and mixed-strategy Nash equilibria of strategic-form games with perfect information, Nash and subgame-perfect equilibria for extensive-form games with perfect information, perfect Bayesian equilibria for games with imperfect information, Nash equilibrium of extensive-form games with imperfect information, equilibria concepts of finitely and infinitely repeated games, and bargaining games.

celia schurman QE major
The QE major allows me to explore my passion for economics through an analytical lens. By developing my quantitative skills, QE prepares me for analysis-intensive roles in economics. I can apply the skillset to any focus, which gives me the opportunity to work in whatever I am most interested in.
Celia Schurman

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