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Law, Taxation, and Financial Planning

Regardless of the industry or profession, a clear understanding of the principles of law and taxation is crucial to succeeding in today’s complex business world. Our distinctive curriculum uses hands-on research and practice to prepare you to think critically and with a moral compass. With faculty from a diverse array of industries, you’ll learn the invaluable assets needed to emerge into the leader of tomorrow. Whether at the undergraduate or graduate level, the Department of Law, Taxation and Planning is here to support your growth and provide a tangible understanding of complex systems and theories. 


Professor Kiana Pierre-Louis

Teaching and Research Highlights

Recent Faculty Research
See the latest research our faculty has been working on. 

Introducing New Law Courses
Two New Courses: White Collar Crime and Social Justice Law

Hot Off the Press
LTFP Faculty publish textbook on the legal and ethical environment of business. 

Department News

25th Annual IRS Town Meeting
Will be held on Wednesday, June 12, 2019 from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

We are Proud of Our Moot Court Team
During 2017-2018 six Bentley students participated in undergraduate moot competition sponsored by the American Collegiate Moot Court Association (ACMA).

Mystica Alexander wins the Charles M. Hewitt Master Teacher Award

Liz Brown Wins Award

Adamian Law Club
The Adamian Law Club provides the opportunity to explore future career options in the legal industry, law related events, and allows students to meet others who share a common interest in law.

Introducing New Course - "White Collar Crime"
Professor Steve Weisman will uncover white collar crime that has victimized millions of people and shaken world economies.


Advisory Board/Centers

Pre-Law Advising

Pre-law advising focuses on preparing students for both admission to and success at law school. This involves helping students to develop or to enhance skills in critical thinking, issue spotting, and communication — both oral and written. The American Bar Association lists these skills as among those essential for success in law school.The unique combination of a business education and relevant liberal arts courses can provide students with the learning experiences most useful for law school and a legal career. Law schools do not recommend a particular field of study, so courses suggested for pre-law are varied. A typical curriculum includes course selections in three categories:General background (politics, ethics, economics)LawSkill building (writing, speaking, persuasion)Students also are strongly encouraged to volunteer in a law-related service-learning program.
Professor Liz Colagiovanni is the primary pre-law adviser for the department, but all full-time department faculty have law degrees and are available to students interested in pursuing careers in the law.


Mystica Alexander
Associate Professor of Law and
Department Chair
Morison 280

Elizabeth Colagiovanni
Lecturer and Pre-Law Adviser
Morison 254

Scott Thomas
Assistant Professor and Director of Graduate Programs in Taxation and Financial Planning
Morison 284