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There is always an opportunity for organizations to function more efficiently and effectively. This means that skilled managers are constantly in demand. As new technologies emerge and industries evolve, it is crucial that the leaders of tomorrow be able to approach problems with innovative and strategic responses. With faculty well-versed in a number of critical disciplines, the Department of Management prepares you for leadership. Whether at the undergraduate, masters, doctoral or executive levels, you will be equipped with the tools necessary to succeed as innovative leaders and managers. 

Brown honored with Best Published Paper Award

Hieken Professor of Business Ethics Jill Brown received the 2022 Best Published Paper Award from the International Association of Business and Society (IABS). Brown was recognized for a paper about social entrepreneurs that appeared in the journal Entrepreneurship, Theory & Practice. In it, she and her co-authors investigate how social enterprises (SEs) often find themselves subject to critique from observers who accuse the company of being more focused on consumer dollars than making a tangible impact through their social mission. They also share a process model they developed to help SEs navigate and maintain moral legitimacy for long-term stakeholder support.

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Once a student, now a teacher: Lindor returns to Bentley

As founder of boutique firm Tessi Consulting, Christie Lindor ’02 helps large and mid-size companies develop comprehensive and effective diversity, equity inclusion (DEI) strategies. In her new role as lecturer, she’s sharing her expertise with Bentley students while continuing to grow her company. “It’s been the best of both worlds,” Lindor says of returning to the classroom, noting that her dual roles “allow me to keep a finger on the pulse of business trends and bring real-world examples to my classes.” 

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Vroman: Serving the community through consulting

Lecturer Susan Vroman believes in giving Bentley students opportunities to act as a “force for good.” For her undergraduate and graduate consulting courses, she works with the BCSLCE to identify nonprofit community partners facing organizational challenges; these groups then become clients for Vroman’s students, who work in teams to assess and address the organization’s unique needs. She’s proud of the difference her students are making, noting that “the consulting teams deliver findings, recommendations and deliverables (including brand playbooks, marketing campaigns, and logistical processes) that clients have actually adopted.”


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