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There is always an opportunity for organizations to function more efficiently and effectively. This means that skilled managers are constantly in demand. As new technologies emerge and industries evolve, it is crucial that the leaders of tomorrow be able to approach problems with innovative and strategic responses. With faculty well-versed in a number of critical disciplines, the Department of Management prepares you for leadership. Whether at the undergraduate, masters, doctoral or executive levels, you will be equipped with the tools necessary to succeed as innovative leaders and managers. 

Buono Honored with Mee Family Prize

Professor Anthony Buono was awarded the 2020 Mee Family Prize, which recognizes a full-time faculty member for exceptional research contributions. Buono, who has been teaching at Bentley for more than 40 years, was praised for his “productive, prolific, and consistently impactful” scholarship related to organizational behavior and change, and for his pioneering work as founder and director of the university’s Alliance for Ethics and Social Responsibility.  

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Edelman, Manolova Discuss Hurdles Facing Female Entrepreneurs

In 2019, all-female founding teams received just 2.8% of the $3.3 billion in capital investment awarded to start-ups. Professor Linda Edelman (right) and Professor Tatiana Manolova (left) met recently with two Bentley alumnae for a roundtable discussion about the challenges facing women-owned businesses. 

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Cruz Explores Stereotype Threats Facing Women in STEM Fields

In research published in the Journal of Vocational BehaviorAssistant Professor Mateo Cruz examines how women in male-dominated STEM fields navigate both gender and occupational identities. He finds that while virtually all women surveyed contend with stereotype threat — that is, the risk of confirming negative beliefs about a social group’s performance or potential — they respond to this threat in different ways.

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