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Natural and Applied Sciences

It’s no secret that science and technology are driving the “innovation economy” of the future. At Bentley, you’ll discover how advances in these dynamic fields can benefit individuals, businesses and society. With a focus on two broad disciplines — health and human sciences and sustainability and environmental sciences — our courses integrate scientific theory with hands-on learning in such diverse fields as biology, chemistry, earth and environmental science, genetics and psychology. In our health-related programs, you’ll focus primarily on physical and psychological health, examining how advances in these areas apply to such varied fields as human resources, organizational management, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and other areas of health care delivery. And in our sustainability-related programs, you’ll explore the complex interactions between humans and the environment, and the significant challenges — including waste management, energy and water use, and global climate change — facing us now and in the foreseeable future.

Ledley honored with Mee Family Prize

Professor Fred Ledley was awarded the Mee Family Prize, which recognizes a full-time faculty member for exceptional research contributions. Noting that “his research and scholarship have left an indelible mark on our campus,” nominators praised Ledley for building a “sustainable culture of mentorship to develop future scholars.”

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In the Land of Fire and Ice

Associate Professor Dave Szymanski and Dean of Arts & Sciences Rick Oches led students on a two-week course in Iceland, where they climbed glaciers and snorkeled in icy waters to learn firsthand about sustainability.


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Cleary recognized for Outstanding Scholarly Contribution

Ekaterina Cleary, a Research Associate in the Center for Integration of Science and Industry, received a 2019 Outstanding Scholarly Contribution Award for her paper “Contribution of National Institutes of Health Funding to New Drug Approvals 2010-2016.” Cleary’s research found that every single one of the 210 new drugs approved by the FDA during this period was developed with the support of taxpayer-funded research.

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Center for Integration of Science and Industry

The mission of the Center for Integration of Science and Industry is to “understand the process by which science is translated for public value, and accelerate this translation by engaging science and industry in interdisciplinary dialogue, scholarship, and education.”

The Center brings together the perspectives of natural science, business, analytics, and policy to understand, and advance, the path of translational science and the business models that create public value from the fruits of scientific discovery.

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Ryan Bouldin
Associate Professor and Chair
Jennison Room 142


Doreen Mirley
Senior Academic Coordinator
Jennison Room 141