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Natural and Applied Sciences

It’s no secret that science and technology are driving the “innovation economy” of the future. At Bentley, you’ll discover how advances in these dynamic fields can benefit individuals, businesses and society. With a focus on two broad disciplines—health and human sciences and sustainability and environmental sciences—our courses integrate scientific theory with hands-on learning in such diverse fields as biology, chemistry, earth and environmental science, genetics and psychology. In our health-related programs, you’ll focus primarily on physical and psychological health, examining how advances in these areas apply to such varied fields as human resources, organizational management, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and other areas of health care delivery. And in our sustainability-related programs, you’ll explore the complex interactions between humans and the environment, and the significant challenges—including waste management, energy and water use, and global climate change—facing us now and in the foreseeable future.

Teaching and Research Highlights

Nanotechnology, Scientists and Startups
"Our students are learning to cultivate a creative mindset and come up with business models that allow nano-enabled products.”

Creating Economic Value From Algae
At the Forefront of Sustainable Food, Bentley Research Fellow Brings Algae to the Table

Mining the Ice Age to Predict Our Future
NSF Grant to Study Glacial Melting Implications in Age of Global Warming

Bentley Professor Leads Effort to Detoxify Local Child Care Centers
Professor collaborate with local child care facilities to reduce exposure to several toxic chemicals

Stream Chemistry
Students study the effects of seasonal road salt application on the chemistry of mountain streams

Department News

Rick Oches: Reconstructing Climate Change
For thousands of years, the Earth's climate has gradually shifted between periods of warming and cooling. Rick Oches, Associate Professor of Geology and Environmental Sciences suggests, today's climate trend is anything but "normal."

Forensic Science in Action with David Szymanski
From crime scene to courtroom, forensics plays a vital role in the criminal justice system . David Szymanski, Associate Professor of Earth and Forensic Sciences, discuss how physical evidence from the crime scene can be analysed to provide scientific information.

Helen Meldrum: The Power of Listening in Medicine
Helen Meldrum covers the importance of a communication between doctors and providers in the medical field with their patients.

Rick Oches: A Sustainable Future
The practice of sustainibility isn't good just for environment ; It is imporant part of business too.

Student Opportunities and Alumni News

Sustainability Science is Key for Competitive Advantage
Dr. David Szymanski is a geologist with research interests ranging from the chemical evolution of magmas to environmental impacts of human and natural processes on surface waters.

Health Studies
Danielle Blanch Hartigan, is social scientist with interdisciplinary research and teaching interests in psychology and public health.

Scientific Domains
Science is big business, and it's only getting bigger. Succeeding in this new bio-economy requires a synergy to produce informed environment, health-care and biotech leaders of tomorrow

Center for Integration of Science and Industry

The mission of the Center for Integration of Science and Industry is to "understand the process by which science is translated for public value, and accelerate this translation by engaging science and industry in interdisciplinary dialogue, scholarship, and education."

The Center brings together the perspectives of natural science, business, analytics, and policy to understand, and advance, the path of translational science and the business models that create public value from the fruits of scientific discovery.

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David W. Szymanski
Department Chair, Associate Professor of Natural and Applied Sciences
Jennison Room 142

Martha Keating
Senior Academic Coordinator
Jennison Room 141