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As the pace of change in organizations, economies, and societies continues to accelerate, the ability to understand and leverage scientific knowledge about the human mind and behavior has grown increasingly urgent. Human psychology plays an important role in the creation, adoption, and success of innovations across multiple sectors including health, technology, and finance. 

The study of psychology at Bentley is unique in its integration of business and science. The Psychology major examines multiple focal areas in depth, including social interactions, human development, and health and well-being, to elevate our understanding and exploration of human behavior at Bentley and beyond. 

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Required Courses and Elective Options

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Nonverbal Behavior and Judging Others (NAS 370)

The course will introduce students to research on various nonverbal cues, including gesture, touch, gaze, appearance, and facial and vocal cues. In addition, making judgments of others based on their nonverbal behaviors is a ubiquitous part of our interpersonal interactions. The second half of the course will explore how we perceive others, with a particular emphasis on first impressions and the role of gender and culture in these perceptions. We will also debunk the myths of lie detection. Throughout the course, examples and activities will focus on the application of nonverbal behavior in healthcare and business settings.

Potential Psychology Career Paths

  • Industrial-organizational psychologist
  • Consumer insights or business analyst
  • Human resources manager
  • Talent acquisition specialist
  • Organizational change consultant
  • Behavioral health counselor
  • Health care administrator
  • User experience researcher
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