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Sustainability Science

You don’t have to choose between profit and the planet. Our Sustainability Science degree is designed to help you understand and advance both.

Your studies will dive deep into the science of environmental systems, while keeping a keen perspective on related business issues.

You’ll learn how economics, policy, development and other factors can be shaped to reduce environmental risks. As the green economy grows, scientists who can articulate the business impacts and benefits of sustainability will be increasingly in-demand.

Every Sustainability Science major must complement their program with foundational business studies, leading either toward a minor or a second major in Business Studies. This ensures you leave Bentley with broad business skills, in addition to expertise in sustainability.

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An elevator pitch to the top

How did a Marketing and Global Perspectives major with no previous sales experience win second place in a national intercollegiate sales competition? By realizing that closing the deal is all about the people.

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Finding more than just business at Bentley

As a high school junior, Sydney MacLeod ’18 was like most of her peers: She didn’t know exactly what she wanted to study in college, and admits that she wasn’t 100 percent confident about business. Then she visited Bentley, talked to people, and noticed what the students and professors here were doing. And she found out that Bentley was much more than business.

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Elizabeth Mitas
By studying Sustainability Science at a business school, I'm learning about the science of the environment, while also studying society and the economic variables that increase profit.
Elizabeth Mitas
Class of 2020

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