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Sociology examines how changes in technology, work and social life affect our relationships with each other and the world. At Bentley, you’ll explore these connections through courses that integrate theoretical concepts with practical, hands-on research. Delving into such diverse topics as media and culture, criminal and social justice, immigrant entrepreneurship and human trafficking, you’ll develop a critical lens for understanding how social constructs are created and defined — and a deeper awareness of how that knowledge can be used to effect social change. And because every aspect of humans’ lives are “social,” a degree in Sociology can pave the way toward a successful career in virtually any industry, from law and finance to medicine and health to government and public policy.  

Degree Programs

Teaching and Research Highlights

Galliers co-edits Special Issue of MISQ
Bob Galliers is co-editing a special issue of MIS Quarterly on "The Sociomateriality of Information Systems: Current Status, Future Directions." September 2014

David Co-Presents at CHIA 2014
Gary David just presented at the 2014 California Health Information Association (Santa Clara, CA) on "EHR Attitudes and Success Factors - Making Choices and Managing the Process."

Garcia Publishes Piece on Interaction
Dr. Angela Cora Garcia published Introduction to Interaction: Understanding Talk in Formal and Informal Settings.

Boeri Receives Award
Dr. Miriam Boeri received the 2013 Choice Magazine Outstanding Academic Title for her book Women on Ice: Methamphetamine Use among Suburban Women.

Miriam Boeri

Department News

Adjunct Associate Professor Rick Frese Speaks at the Annual Convocation of the Military Historical Society of Massachusetts in Boston.

Miriam Boeri wins the 2018 Distinguished Scholarly Book Award

Associate Professor's Miriam Boeri and Tim Anderson Article "Gaps in Medical Marijuana Policy Implementation: Real-time Perspectives from Marijuana Dispensary Entrepreneurs, Health Care Professionals and Medical Marijuana Patients

Professor Miriam Boeri's Article "I Don't What Fun Is": Examing the Intersection of Social Captital, Social Networks, and Social Recovery

Professor Anne Warfield Rawls has started the Racial Justice Project to examine and address problems with tacit (subconscious) racism in social interaction

Student Opportunities and Alumni News

The Summer 2014 Sociology interns are working in a variety of places. Take a look!

Directed Studies
Catherine Bruce is completing a directed study with Dr. Gary David on the impact of health information technology on professional culture and identity in healthcare.

Student Presentations
Timothy Anderson and Miriam Boeri will travel to Baltimore with three student research assistants to present at the Eastern Sociology Society meetings on their medical marijuana dispensaries project.

Student Publications
Nick Lehecka and Dr. Gary David published “The Spirit of the Trail: Culture, Popularity and Prize Money in Ultramarathoning.” in the journal Fast Capitalism (2013).


Gary C. David
Associate Professor and Chair
Morison Hall 179

Angela Garcia
Minors Coordinator and Professor
Smith Technology 300

Darlene Saunders
Senior Academic Coordinator
Morison Hall 109