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Language, Culture and Business

The modern business world isn’t confined by international boundaries. To succeed, you need to have a range of skills and understanding that transcends borders, cultures and language. Bentley’s Language, Culture, and Business (LCB) major is designed to prepare students to apply language and culture skills and knowledge in their professional careers. Unlike traditional language and culture majors, the LCB major puts less of an emphasis on literature and linguistics and focuses instead on practical applications of the language and study of world cultures, including the culture of business in other parts of the world. You’ll take advanced grammar courses in composition and conversation, translation courses, and language for business courses, as well as courses on film, literature, and other forms of cultural production. 

As a LCB major, you will graduate with a broad knowledge of business by completing courses that are part of the Business Administration minor. You will also have the option of complementing your LCB major with a Business Administration major, or any other approved Bentley major, by using some of your free electives to take additional courses.

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class spotlight

Global Public Relations (IDCC 355)

Globalization, or the process of interaction and integration among people, companies, and governments worldwide, is an influential and necessary component of public relations. The intercultural, intersectional, and international identities of groups must be appropriately acknowledged and represented to build rich and meaningful relationships between clients and audiences. Global Public Relations provides the framework, critical thinking, and analytic skills necessary to prepare global thinkers in the successful research, design, and implementation, of public relations projects. 

valerie boucher

When business takes a leading role

Show business is called that for a reason, but not every film buff thinks to take their passion to a business university. Valerie Boucher ’20 is different. She always wanted to pursue a career in film and entertainment and, at Bentley, she parlayed a major in Information Design and Corporate Communication into an internship with Bradley Cooper’s Hollywood production company. After an amazing summer there, she’s now one step closer to her dream.

Erika Rouleau

Creating a bond that everyone can share

Since she was 7, Erika Rouleau ’17 only wanted to do one thing: Own her own restaurant. She chose business school over culinary school, eventually starting a “fast/casual” sushi on-the-go restaurant while still at Bentley. Learn how, for her, working with food is about bringing people together.

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Zoe Grondin, Language, Culture and Business Major
The Language, Culture and Business major has helped me to fine-tune my business communication skills in French, allowing me to expand my job search beyond English-speaking regions.
Zoe Grondin

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