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Multicultural Community

We’re better together

Multicultural Center

An important part of your business education is exposure to other cultures and perspectives. That's why we celebrate our differences and encourage curiosity. The Multicultural Center (MCC) is the campus hub for diversity and inclusion activities.

The MCC staff will have both in-person and virtual drop-in hours. All staff will us the same link for virtual drop-in hours: (Meeting ID: bentleymcc).

We are also available by appointment:

  • Michael McCorvey, Director
    • Wednesday and Friday, 9:00AM -- 11:00AM (In-person or Virtual)
  • Claudette Blot, Assistant Director
    • Monday, 8:30AM -- 12:00PM (In-person)
    • Thursday, 2:00PM -- 4:00PM (Virtual)

If you have a general question, please email us at so that a staff member can contact respond to your inquiry. Please indicate your availability and how you would prefer to be contacted. Make sure you include all pertinent contact information in your message.

Shawndy Pierre
No matter how hard you strive to be better, stay true to yourself and don't switch up.
Shawndy Pierre
Class of 2019

Multicultural Programs

Conversations about our differences can be hard. That’s why Bentley encourages bravery.

Bentley Brave is a series of events and programs offered to provide meaningful opportunities for education, conversation and reflection on topics like race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, ability and socioeconomic status. Prepare to get a little uncomfortable on the transformative journey toward understanding.

Bentley Brave:

  • Fosters dialog, not debate

  • Provides opportunities for self-reflection

  • Creates an environment for courageous engagement

  • Acknowledges and supports diverse opinions

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Student Programming

Bentley Brave Conversation Café (open to the campus community)

The Bentley Brave Conversation Café is a monthly, two-hour focused dialog open to all members of the community. Participants are placed in small groups and given a series of prompts to guide their conversation. Each Café explores a new theme, like civility, free speech or privilege. Conversation Cafés follow the dialog group model and allow participants to practice six essential dialog skills.

Bentley Brave Dialog Groups (for faculty and staff)

Bentley Brave Dialog Groups were created to increase the comfort and ability of faculty and staff to engage in difficult conversations about social identity. The experience is open to all faculty and staff.

Groups of 8-10 participants meet five times over the course of one semester. The curriculum helps participants develop six essential skills for effective dialog through the exploration of three core concepts related to diversity and inclusion. Sessions are structured so group members can identify and reflect on the cognitive, emotional and physical aspects of engaging in dialog.

To join a group, email the Office of Diversity & Inclusion or call 781-891-3475.

Real Talk: An Intergroup Dialogue Experience (for students)

Intergroup Dialogue is a leadership experience focused on social justice and social identity. Through dialogue and an off-campus retreat, students learn how to communicate and facilitate  with diverse groups, talk about hot topics, and create an action plan to benefit Bentley and beyond.

Groups form in September. Contact Jess Kenerson for details.  

Coming Full Circle (Women's Group)

Coming Full Circle is for female faculty, staff and students of color. The group comes together for fellowship, dialogue, social and professional networking. Participants also gain presentation and leadership skills they can leverage in the classroom and beyond. For more information, email Claudette Blot.

Cultural Connectors

The Cultural Connectors program trains students to encourage and facilitate tough conversations. The purpose is to improve communication, enhance curiosity, and move toward mutual understanding and respect on topics that can be difficult to discuss.

Trained Cultural Connectors can support you when a difficult dialogue needs to take place in your organization or team, on your floor, or anywhere else. Upon request, we provide two facilitators to help design the dialogue your group needs or wants to have.

Request a Cultural Connector

First Fridays

First Fridays connect students with campus resources, such as offices and staff, that can enhance their college experience. The program is held on the first Friday of every month, every semester. The focus area changes monthly, so it’s a great way to continue learning about Bentley and to make new student and staff connections.

Mankind Movement (Men's Group)

Mankind Movement is for men faculty, staff and students of color. The group meets bi-weekly to discuss member-suggested topics, like relationship building, career development, time management and more. The goal is to build a community at Bentley and to support and educate one another. For more information, email Michael McCorvey.

Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast/Luncheon

The Martin Luther King Jr. breakfast/luncheon is Bentley’s largest annual diversity event. Since 1986, student leaders have planned and hosted the celebration, which includes MLK statements and presentations. Prominent national speakers deliver the keynote address and community members are recognized for their leadership and dedication to diversity initiatives.

MOSAIC Experience

The MOSAIC Experience is a pre-orientation program for first-year students of color and their allies. Freshmen and transfer students are welcome to participate.

The MOSAIC program begins three days prior to First-Year Orientation. That allows students of color and their allies to move into campus sooner and start adjusting to life at Bentley. During the program, students receive tools and training to prepare them for academic success and make meaningful connections within their new college community.  

Registration for the 2023 MOSAIC Experience is now open. You can apply here.

For more information, email the Multicultural Center staff.

Open Call Conversations

Open Call Conversations are monthly conversations about current events and hot topics. Facilitated by a faculty or staff member, Open Call Conversations are safe and respectful forums for students to discuss challenging subjects like racism and relationships.

Open Call Conversations are held in the Cultural Lounge, on the Third Floor of the Student Center. To schedule or participate in an Open Call Conversation as a faculty or staff member, email the Multicultural Center staff.  


Registration for the Peer2 Peer program is now open. You can apply here.

The Peer2 Peer program pairs first-year students with upper-class mentors. Students who are mentored during their first year at Bentley learn to navigate the academic and social aspects of college more quickly. They also earn better grades and enter student leadership positions sooner.  

Matches are made based on common personal interests, academic programs and other factors. Typically, the Peer2Peer relationship is sustained through the mentee’s sophomore year at Bentley. After completing the program, mentees are able to serve as mentors for incoming students.

For more information or to apply to become a mentor or a mentee, email the Multicultural Center staff.